30 Things We Could See On Netflix's "Luke Cage"

For a show that's still a ways away, Marvel's "Luke Cage" television series has made some serious progress in the last few weeks. The character's debut on Netflix's next Marvel series, "Jessica Jones", hasn't even been scheduled yet, but thanks to a number of big deal casting announcements, we at least know who Mike Colter's Hero for Hire will be hanging out with -- and fighting against -- when his Netflix show debuts at some point during 2016.

Alfre Woodard joined the cast as a powerful politician named Minetta (a character thought to be Black Mariah), then Theo Rossi and Rosario Dawson signed on as Shades and (returning from "Daredevil") Claire Temple, the show found its Misty Knight in Simone Missick, and then "House of Cards'" Mahershala Ali was added as Cornell "Cottonmouth" Stokes.

Marvel's "Luke Cage" Adds "House Of Cards'" Mahershala Ali In Villain Role

The show has pulled both friends (Claire Temple and Misty Knight) and foes (Black Mariah, Cottonmouth and Shades) from Cage's four decades as a Marvel superhero. There's no telling what the show will incorporate next -- but we have thirty hunches.

1. Come on, there's a chance we'll see the classic tiara and chains.

2. Or he could rip that costume to shreds in favor of a '90s look.

3. We could see Luke Cage chuck a telephone pole like a javelin.

4. There's a chance Cage will do some graceful flips -- that will totally wreck a car.

5. No seriously -- Luke Cage hates cars and we will probably see him demolish one.

6. If the show's anything like "Daredevil," then we'll definitely see Cage knocked out of commission.

7. We might see Luke Cage take a hammer to the face.

8. Could we see the Hero for Hire get taken down by just a finger?

9. We could see Luke Cage pull a Kool-Aid Man.

10. Really, no walls stand a chance on this show.

11. Just in general, there's a pretty good chance we'll see Luke Cage bust out.

12. If merchandising pans out, we could eventually see "Luke Cage" playing cards in real life!

13. Will we get the most apocalyptic Christmas episode ever?

14. Seriously, things blow up around Luke on Christmas!

15. Depending on the budget, we could see Luke Cage in a giant-size casino.

16. We know we'll see Cottonmouth on the show -- but will he have a bazooka?!

17. The likelihood of Stiletto and Discus showing up is slim, but we'd welcome it.

18. Luke Cage could pay a visit to the Circus of Crime.

19. Marvel. Needs. Vampires.

20. We could see Luke Cage fight tigers!

21. After "Luke Cage" season one, we could read the phrase "Coming to Netflix in 2017 -- 'Marvel's Piranha Jones.'"

22. Please, Netflix/Marvel, please give us Mr. Fish.

23. Seeing an armored assassin on "Luke Cage" seems like a safe bet.

24. Depending on Jon Bernthal's contract, a Punisher cameo isn't far-fetched.

25. We will riot if there isn't a cameo from Ballet Britches before he gets his own Netflix show.

26. We could eventually see Luke Cage take the lead of a team of heroes *cough*Defenders*cough*.

27. Cage could take on a mentor role to a younger Power Man -- not that that went so well in the comics.

28. We could see Luke Cage get ugly.

29. Luke Cage needs date nights with Krysten Ritter's Jessica Jones -- and if Fox wants to loan out Doctor Doom, we're not saying no.

30. Come on -- nothing says "season finale" like a wedding.

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