<i>30 Rock</i> Nears Renewal; Fates of <i>Community</i>, <i>Parks &amp; Rec</i> Uncertain

Fans of NBC's comedies should take note, as Deadline appears to have the inside track on the futures of a handful of shows: Word is that 30 Rock will return for a seventh and final season. That comes as no surprise, as creator Tina Fey has said as much in several interviews. Less expected, perhaps, is that the season will be just 13 or 14 episodes.

Community and Parks and Recreation are both still in the running for renewal, with the odds more in the favor of Parks & Rec. The website notes that, like 30 Rock, both of those sitcoms would be looking at a shortened season. The future of Whitney and Up All Night are far more questionable, however, with the former not doing well and the latter losing its executive producer to another NBC series.

It's interesting to note that absolutely nothing was said about The Office. We've heard that there's a possibility for something called Office 2.0, which would shuffle the existing players, and star Jenna Fischer also has said the entire cast wants to return for another season. Things have been shifting pretty dramatically on the most recent episodes, so it's entirely possible that the finale of this eighth season will lead into whatever happens next and the network doesn't want to spoil anything.

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