'30 Days of Night' creator Steve Niles offers up 'Queen Boudicca' through IDW

Official Press Release

[Queen Boudicca]San Diego, CA (January 21, 2003) Steve Niles, creator and writer of the IDW Publishing hit 30 Days Of Night, is about to take the world of comics and entertainment on a ride that's not for the weak of heart --or stomach. And this time, Niles won't need vampires to chill. This is a true story. This is history.

Through years of research he has uncovered a true story of war, cruelty and terrible revenge. Most of all, it's a story of a mother's love of her children and people, and the lengths she went to defend their honor.

Queen Boudicca: The Warrior Queen tells the tale of a time and a people like no other. The time of 60 AD was not one of cheery knights and noble ways. It was a time when women fought alongside men in battle, as equals. A time when a Queen suffered horrible humiliations by the Romans and fought back with such savage rage that the very Earth bears marks of her struggle to this very day.

Creator and writer Steve Niles said, "I've been obsessed with Queen Boudicca's story for years. It's an amazing story. Boudicca was a woman in her 40s, old for her time, who lived as a Queen until her husband died, leaving her at the cruel hands of the Romans. But she didn't fold.

She stood up and fought back. In fact, the scars of her attack on London remain to this day, as she scorched the city to the ground. Boudicca is a true example of what someone is capable of when pushed too far by evil."

Queen Boudicca is an inspirational story -- not the cliché T & A that comics have been unjustly pegged with over the years. This is a smart, inspiring, heroic character involved in an epic adventure straight from the pages of history.

"The best way that I can think of to describe Queen Boudicca is that it's a mix of the films Gladiator and Braveheart, with the motherhood of Aliens II," added IDW Publishing VP of Sales and Marketing, Beau Smith.

Steve Niles will be teaming with newcomer artist MILX. "This guy showed up on my messageboard and posted some of his art. He's amazing and I can't wait to spring him on the comics industry," says Niles, "Everything I've seen so far perfectly captures the time period and the tone of the story."

At press time, the release date and format information for Queen Boudicca" The Warrior Queen has yet to be determined. That information will follow as soon as it is finalized.

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