3-year-old marks last day of chemo by dressing as Wonder Woman

Three-year-old Sophia Sandoval of San Antonio, Texas, was diagnosed in May with medulloblastoma, a brain tumor, leading to months of chemotherapy. On Friday, the Wonder Woman fan celebrated her final treatment by dressing up as one of her favorite superheroes, much to the delight of Lynda Carter.

In a photo posted Tuesday on the Jessie Rees Foundation Facebook page and then widely circulated through social media, Sophia strikes a pose while standing in her bed at San Antonio's Methodist Children's Hospital holding a sign that reads, "My Last Day of Chemo. It Was Tough But I Was Tougher."

"When she was taking the medicine, we would tell her she was going to get Super Woman or Wonder Woman powers," her mother Rossio Sandoval told ABC News.

Sophia's story and photo caught the attention of Carter, the iconic Wonder Woman actress, who wrote, "A real-life little WW!! Let's show her some love."

“We felt so happy and so special because we didn’t really expect that,” Rossio Sandoval said. “It is so awesome because I know a lot of people who see this will see that my daughter is kicking cancer, and maybe it will help others."

Sophia, who underwent a four-hour surgery in May to remove the tumor, is scheduled for an MRI to ensure she's free of cancer. In the meantime, however, she's back at her family's home playing like a 3-year-old should.

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