3 Chicks Review Comics - Episode 021


Inside this episode! This week we review Heroes For Hire #9, Batman & Robin #25, and Loose Ends #1 (releases 7/13/11). It would be impossible for the hot topic this week to be anything but the runaway success of the Womanthology Project on Kickstarter, and what that could or should mean for the future of comics, both mainstream and not.  Chick of the week is an awesomely talented lady that has worked as a writer both for the big two and as the writer/creator of her own wonderfully successful independent series. Also, Maddy sings Mr. Burns entire "See My Vest" song from The Simpsons.

Episode links!: Womanthology, Womanthology Kickstarter, Womanthology Raises $27,000 Overnight. Are You Listening Marvel and DC?, Womanthology Offers a New Way Showcase and Support Women in Comics, Womanthology!, Letters To An Older Brother: Damian Misses Dick :(, Microbluefish, Okay. Now I'm Getting Mad, She Has No Head!: The Boob Window That Just Won't Die, Women And Superheroes: We're Just Not That Into You?, Why Women Read More Than Men, Women In Comics: They're Now, They're Wow, Get Used To It, Jen Van Meter Gotham Nights #12.

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*As always beware of spoilers if you haven’t read the books in question!

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