3 Chicks Review Comics - Episode 014


Reminder! We’ve moved the 3 Chicks Podcast to Mondays at noon and it will run alternating weeks with She Has No Head!, so this week – a new episode of 3 Chicks, and next week – a new She Has No Head!, then back here again on April 11th for another episode of 3 Chicks…follow CSBG and Kelly on twitter, so that you never miss a post or podcast!

We had some technical difficulties this week...and sound a bit as if we got together in a giant empty stadium to record, but hopefully it's bearable. Also, if you listen closely at the end you can hear my boyfriend making breakfast and playing Wii. Good times! We'll certainly try to fix the issue for next time.

Inside this episode! We take a look at FF #1, and since none of us regularly reads The Fantastic Four, we're three really fresh sets of eyes...does it pass the new reader test!?  We also review Grant Morrison's Batman Inc #4, and we all feel...strange about it.  Maybe confused is a better word...strange and confused, yeah, that's the ticket.  For our Hot Topic we discuss a fabulous Lois Lane pitch by the talented Dean Trippe, and the fact that it, like Ben Caldwell's wonderful Wonder Woman pitch, has been passed up.  We love it, and we don't understand why it can't get a greenlight, and Kelly loses her freaking mind over it. More good times!  Sue picks this week’s CHICK OF THE WEEK, and it's one of the most talented artists in comics - a powerhouse of drawing ability - and as many of us discovered this past summer - a solid writer as well!  Plus everyone’s pick of the week.

Episode links!: Sue's post on the Lois Lane Pitch, Please Let Me Buy This For My Daughter, Is Wonder Woman A Gateway Drug, Dean Hacker's great Lois Lane comment, Hero Initiative, The Art of Amanda Conner, Wolverine & Jubilee #3.

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*As always beware of spoilers if you haven’t read the books in question!

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