2nd Annual Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics now open for submissions

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[Isotope Award]SAN FRANCISCO (September 16th, 2003) Award-winning San Francisco comics retailer James Sime announced today that submissions for the 2nd annual Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics will be accepted from October 1st until December 31st. "Mini-comic creators it's time to fire up your printers and copy machines again... and it's time to score yourself some of the gold and the glory that is the Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics!" said James Sime.

"The Isotope is proud to honor mini-comic creators every single year with our award, and we're proud to do it in such high style!" said Sime, "Judging by last year's out-pouring of support for this award and by the great books I got to see during convention season this year, I couldn't be more excited to check out this year's crop of mini-comic submissions. Mini-comics continue to be one of the most creatively vibrant segments of the comic industry, and here at the Isotope we're going to continue to do our part to shed some light on these unsung heroes. I know the people are ready to get in on the submission process this year with their amazing books!"

For 2004 the award selection committee has taken on some new members as well. "This year we've got the best possible team of judges that we could possibly find. The Isotope Awards Committee covers the entire spectrum of the mini-comic equation. From creators to distributors to retailers... all of which are huge fans of mini-comics!" said Sime, "Aside from myself and Isotope Special Projects Director Kirsten Baldock the judges are Ryan Yount, who began his comics career with his GREASE ROBOTS mini-comic before moving on to his extremely popular full-size SCURVY DOGS comic from AIT-PlanetLar, ABSENCE OF INK publisher S. Edwin Irvin, who distributes mini-comics through his exclusive BLACK LABEL imprint, and the winner of the 2003 Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics Rob Osborne himself!"

"The Isotope Award set the industry on fire!" said ABSENCE OF INK publisher S. Edwin Irvin "Not only did it put a massive spotlight on mini comics in general, James made sure last year's winner Rob Osborne got a ton of press and recognition from all over the world. I am extremely honored to be a judge for the Isotope award. This is the kind of recognition and motivation that is needed for those creators knee-deep in the comic trenches. The award itself is gorgeous and James has outdone himself as always. The best part is that it's up for grabs to anyone that puts out the effort!"

Like in the past, award winners will be presented with their very own stone and steel trophy engraved with their name and the name of their book that they can display on tables at conventions, place above their fireplaces with other heirlooms, or mount on the hood of their automobile to intimidate other motorists. No matter where displayed the unique design and flashy stainless steel curves always attract attention. 2003's winner Rob Osborne keeps his Isotope Award in his home studio to inspire him and also brings it with him to conventions and in-store appearances.

"Winning this award completely blew the doors of the comic industry open for me," said Osborne, "I was a nobody toiling away at a comic that few people read, much less knew about, and winning this award changed everything for me. At conventions people know my name and ask if they can see my trophy. 1000 STEPS TO WORLD DOMINATION is in stores all over the country and even in Europe, and I've got my first graphic novel coming out in spring of 2004. That's kick ass!"

"Rob is a world-class champion," said Isotope Special Projects Director Kirsten Baldock, "And his mini 1000 STEPS TO WORLD DOMINATION deserved all the attention it got." Competition for last year's award was fierce as the entries topped out at over a hundred different mini-comics. Rob Osborne feels fortunate to have been chosen to be the first Isotope Award winner, in what he feels will be a long line of great mini-comic champions, and expressed his enthusiasm for the medium in which he has received such acclaim. "I feel there are hundreds of photocopied comic gems out there that are being made as we speak, and this award recognizes the best of the best. It's a big obligation for me as a winner to make the kind of comics that represent the potential of the mini-comic, but fortunately I am passionate about making comics and always excited about getting back to work!"

The only fee for entry is five copies of your comic sent to Isotope's Special Projects Director Kirsten Baldock at the Isotope address (1653 Noriega St San Francisco, CA 94122) before the deadline. As is tradition, the award will be given out at a grand ceremony at the Isotope in conjunction with San Francisco's ALTERNATIVE PRESS EXPO. San Francisco's APE convention has been a forum for small and independent publishers in the industry for many years. Because of the nature of this award, winners have to be present at the Isotope at 9 PM on February 21st for the award presentation ceremony.

"Expect this year's award ceremony to be even better than last year!" said Sime, "Our entire judging committee is going to be there to honor 2004's winner, and we expect a fantastic turn out of supporters and creators again this year. We will be presenting the winner with his or her trophy and Rob Osborne will be there to welcome the next generation of Isotope Award recipient into the winner's circle."

"We've known at Absence of Ink for a long time that mini-comics is where the cutting edge lies," said judge S. Edwin Irvin, "That's why Dennis Culver and I distribute them through our Black Label Imprint. Minis are the Great Equalizer in the comic industry. Any shlub with the drive and a stapler gets equal footing with the rockstars and heavies on the stands today. Only the hungry thrive…"

And it is that hunger that makes giving out this award so exciting for Isotope proprietor James Sime, "This is the Heisman trophy of the mini-comics and as always I'm going to work tirelessly to make sure every Isotope winner gets all the love and recognition that they deserve. As before we will be seeing entries from many of the superstars of tomorrow, and I don't doubt that the entire award committee is going to have a blast reading all these great comics."

"Who wouldn't want to go home with the sexiest award in our industry? Send those submissions in!"

The Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics could be yours, submissions of five copies accepted from October 1st to December 31st at 1653 Noriega St. San Francisco, CA 94122. For more information contact the Isotope at (415) 753 - 3037 or at jamessime@earthlink.net

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