$2K Wonder Woman Statue Is As Lifelike As It Gets

If you’ve got a couple of thousand dollars and are not unnerved by hyper-realistic, half-size depictions of your favorite movie superheroes, then Prime 1 Studio and Sideshow have a Wonder Woman statue for you.

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This lifelike depiction of Gal Gadot’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” Wonder Woman, stands forty inches tall, and is moulded from polystone, a polyurethane compound that is mixed with a powdered stone additive to give it weight and to make it feel more like stone. This high-tech material is also said to better retain paint than the materials traditionally used to manufacture high-end collectibles.

Limited to 750 pieces worldwide, the statue will be available July to September of 2017, uses translucent resin to give the appearance of lifelike skin, and features realistic hair. The Amazon Princes is also kitted out with a shield, sword, and her trademark magic lasso, as seen in “Dawn of Justice.”

The statue also includes a base with an integrated LED spotlight.

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In case you don’t have $2,099 lying around to spend on superhero statuary, Slidesow also offers an easy payment plan starting at $236.25 a month. Also, the half-scale qualification is somewhat misleading. Actress Gal Gadot is 5’10. Twice forty inches is 6’8”.

Slideshow and Prime 1 Studio also offer companion statues of the "Dawn of Justice" versions of Batman and Superman.

You can order your Wonder Woman polystone statue here.

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