2/9 - Well-Mannered Weller says...

Dearest Friends at Dynamite Entertainment,

Were you to entertain the notion of a second RoboCop comic book periodical series and wished it to be one of high repute, I would, without hesitation, recommend my good friend Bill Reed, a writer of fine caliber and excellent breeding. I am certain that he could bring infinite justice to the cybernetic legacy of the future of law enforcement.

Your friend,

Peter Weller*

*Disclaimer: The above opinions of Mr. Weller are not the opinions of Comic Book Resources or Comics Should Be Good, nor, in fact, the opinions of Peter Weller**, who has never actually met or contacted Bill Reed in any capacity, and is not, as some claims state, part machine.

** Peter Weller will return in Peter Weller vs. The World Crime League.

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