29 "Flash" Covers Starring Multiple Speedsters

"The Flash" is about to get a whole lot Flashier. When The CW's superhero show returns for its second season on October 6, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) won't be the only speedster featured on the show. Fellow Flash Jay Garrick (Teddy Sears) will have a part to play on the show, as evidenced by one of the season's trailers, and the show will also add Keiynan Lonsdale to its cast in the role of Wally West. And then there's Zoom, the season's mystery bad guy that will be voiced by Tony Todd.

The names "Jay," "Wally" and "Zoom" might not stand out for people whose experience with the Flash is limited to the 23 episodes of the show's first season, but each of them is kind of a big deal. In the comics, Jay is the Golden Age Flash of the 1940s and Wally is the teen-sidekick-turned-Flash that took over for Barry following his death in the late '80s. And Zoom, well, Zoom is Zoom -- one of the Flash's oldest foes. The addition of these three means big things are coming to Central City. To get you up to speed on Barry's comic book history with these guys, check out these times they've interacted over the past fifty years.

1. Barry and Wally fought giant golden dudes.

2. They poked their heads into different time periods.

3. Barry bent over backwards to give Wally's costume change a fantastical explanation.

4. Barry tried to give the mantle over to Wally.

5. They also participated in a nefarious twist on the three legged race.

6. Wally reminisced about his first year alongside Barry as Kid Flash.

7. And they got caught wearing the same outfit.

8. Barry and Jay took part in one of the most iconic "Flash" covers ever.

9. And they fought a pair of rogues.

10. They also fought each other, of course.

11. Flash fought to save Jay from Sassy Evil Lincoln.

12. Jay was still regularly put in danger, though.

13. And they fought each other, again.

14. And Jay was knocked out... again.

15. Okay, Jay, are you okay?

16. That's one crowded fridge the Flash's share.

17. And most recently, there was the time Jay and Barry teamed up with a skeleton.

18. And then... there was Zoom.

19. Barry and Zoom recreated that iconic cover together.

20. Barry socked it to Zoom, too.

21. They became "buddies"...

22. But not for long, obviously.

23. Seriously, being the Flash's wife is bad for your health.

24. Odds are this story won't be adapted for TV.

25. But there's no way The CW doesn't homage this cover at some point this season.

26. And then there was the time Barry went too far.

27. But Zoom and Barry would cross paths again.

28. Barry, Wally and Jay have run alongside each other.

29. Here's hoping we get to see all three Flashes run amok this season.

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