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[Green Light]"Battler Britton" is a five issue series for WildStorm. For July. Written by Garth Ennis drawn by Colin Wilson with painted covers by Garry Leach.

Watch out Hun!


[Green Light]Recently in Warren Ellis' Bad Signal mailing list, he talked about the draw of the now-dismissed revival of the '90s Marvel superhero "Darkhawk".

He wouldn't be alone. Of late, Chuck Austen used the name for a character in "US War Machine" with slight similarities, Darkhawk appeared in "Runaways," where Brian K Vaughan turned the character's short temper in his early episodes into a near psychotic rage as part of the team "Exclesior." Millar and Hitch used a new powerless, fairly shit Darkhawk as a second team in "The Ultimates 2." And the character appeared in Robert Kirkman's recent "Legion of Losers" in "Marvel Team Up."

Not so much sloppy seconds, Warren, as fecund fifths...

Of course, it's not the first time Darkhawk has been mentioned to Warren. Six years ago ... and again. And for some Gail Simone prescience ...


[Green Light]"Event Horizon" Vol. 3 is in trouble. Too few preorders are giving Mam Tor cash flow problems, and the book may not be published.

The only way for this volume to see print is for fans and retailers to order copies now. Right now. This week.

"Event Horizon" is the Liam Sharp ("Event Horizon") graphic anthology in the style of "Heavy Metal," but with far more of a British flavour. It boasts contributors including Sharp himself, Ashley Wood, Steve Niles, Glenn Fabry, Simon Bisley and, well, me. Their Web site is here. And here are a few of preview pages from Volume 3 from "Chase Variant," written by me, illustrated fully by Bagwell.

If you're a retailer, check your order and see if it justifies adding a few more copies of issue #3. The code is MAR063302. The code for Vol 2 is SEPT053014.

If you're a reader, tell your retailer you want a copy of Vol. 3 this week. Give him the code if necessary.

If you don't, Vol. 3 of "Event Horizon" goes away. And it's far too fine an experimental adventure into graphic storytelling to allow that.

More art.


[Yellow Light]Ronnee G Bourgeois sent round the following to a bunch of comics commentators this morning.

"Back in December, I first told you about an alleged sexual assault that occurred at a comic convention and expressed my own personal feelings on the subject as I tend to do. Since then I have learned to be a bit more politically correct and all that crap but I do not apologize for bringing the topic up, for saying what I think or for being a passionate person for women's rights.

"However, at the time, the victim was not ready to come public and wanted to handle the situation the right way and through the proper channels, which I applaud her for of course… I then promised not to publicly speak of it again until SHE was ready to tell it herself.

"Well. She's ready."

Details and police report at the link.

I think it's also worth linking to Heidi MacDonald's reaction when this story broke in a less detailed form. Possibly one of the more considered.


[Green Light]Look at that. I just made a new word. Again.

Kostas Seremetis. Turning great comics into murals. Watch for those who hate Lichtenstein with a passion to be riled again.

See the wall, buy the t-shirt.


[Yellow Light]This weekend, I started to hear some bad mojo about 360EP, the publisher and media developer run by Bill Jemas, with certain creators reporting non-payment and the possibility that the company could collapse. And these rumours have been spreading.

Not according to Bill Jemas however. He tells me that the company is in great shape, and any issues with certain freelancers are both isolated and disputed, who are using this column to spread such dischord.

And to be fair, the share option thingies at Marvel he earned were rather large. I'd be inclined to believe him.


[Green Light]The recent New York Comic Convention seems to have been selling the personal information of attendees on to direct market salespeople. How do we know this? Well, for some reason comics writer and letterer John Layman managed to get a convention identity as "John Layman MarvelWildStormOniDynamite".

And guess who a magazine subscription offer for the "Now Playing" movie magazine came addressed to?


[Green Light]Gutteratti Paul Taylor reports another one of those paid-for Nike Shmoo-Swoosh logos appearing within panels of a Marvel comic. It's on the back of the main character's jacket in the last panel of "Untold Tales Of The New Universe: Nightmask" #1.

Which takes place in 1986.

It's like Bad Wolf all over again.


[Green Light]Comic Book Resources gets a lot of mail. Comp books, letters from students wanting stats on the industry for school reports (who have yet to learn Google) Letters from people wanting to know stuff like when was Wolverine's first appearance (who probably can't even count that high). Even letters from prison inmates asking what comics they should collect once they get out.

The following letter that CBR publisher Jonah Weiland received is probably unique however. Unless everyone in comics got one.


[Green Light]Another little film I cooked up with my advertising co-writer. "Inbetweener."

UPDATE: Sorry, sorry, link fixed...


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