This is the 71st edition of The Pipeline Podcast, for new comics released on Wednesday, May 24, 2006.

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This week's "Top Ten" List:

  • Previews
  • Marvel Zombies 2nd Ptg Var #5 (Of 5)
  • Following Cerebus #8
  • Loveless Vol 1 A Kin Of Homecoming TPB
  • Spider-Man Black Cat Evil That Men Do Marvel Premiere HC
  • Powers #18
    • Nextwave Agents Of Hate #5
    • Nextwave Agents Of Hate Crayon Butchery Var #5
  • Scott Pilgrim Vol 3 Infinite Sadness GN
  • Daredevil #85
  • Black Widow Things They Say About Her TPB
  • Comics Journal #276
  • Carl Barks Greatest Ducktales Stories Vol 1 TPB

Show notes:

Yes, that's 12 listing this week. I couldn't help myself.

More details on the Nextwave coloring contest over here.

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