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[Green Light]In recent months, this column has been criticised for running too many Alan Moore stories. Well, looks like it will be subject to such criticism again for another week. Sorry.


[Green Light]Alan Moore's previously announced poster in support of Northampton's "Defend Council Housing" campaign has been released in a limited signed edition of 100.

It's in support of a cause run by Northampton tenants Norman Adams and Chris Pounds to raise awareness of council plans to transfer ownership and management of council housing to housing associations, which have received considerable criticism over the last few years. While the council has a budget to promote their position, opposing views have not. The sales of this poster will allow the campaign to promote an alternative viewpoint before the tenants vote.

The availability of the poster is incredibly limited, and is likely to sell out. Especially after this column goes up, so make haste.

Send a cheque or postal order for £20 to British addresses, £25 abroad, made payable to "Northampton Defend Council Housing" to Norman Adams, 3 Redruth Close, Northampton NN4 8PL and it will be shipped in a hard tube. For more details call Norman on 01604 764797 (but do please remember the time difference when calling from abroad).

The last time I did this kind of thing was with Alan Moore and Steve Moore's book of poetry, "Technical Vocabularies - Games For May" which sold out in a day, and now goes for hundreds of pounds on eBay. Your call.


[Yellow Light]Earlier this week, I was interviewed by BBC Radio 4 along with some fellow called Alan Moore, when they covered "Lost Girls" on The Today Programme. Much was made of the Great Ormond Street Hospital claim to rights over Wendy, and the potential prevention of the book being distributed and sold in the UK and Europe. A story that was followed up with differing degrees of accuracy by quite a few media sources and blogosphere.

A few points are worth mentioning:

It's arguable that the Parliamentary Act that extended Peter Pan royalty rights in Britain as an exception for the Great Ormond Street Hospital with a proviso that there can be no interference in the resulting artistic works, supersedes the not-out-of-public-domain-yet argument. And for European rights, it runs out next year anyway.

It's also arguable that "Lost Girls" is a heavily derivative work - the characters are not portrayed as they are in the original books, many are not named, there's a heavy meta-reality filter, and this can be seen as a separate work entirely - it's certainly not masquerading as the original.

It's a wonderful work of art, and no one wants to be seen as the modern "Lady Chatterley's Lover" prosecutor who asked the jury if they "would want their wives and servants to read this?"

There are previous examples, of less literary standing, that have passed without comment, most notable "Peter Pank." And the original "Lost Girls" chapters were published without comment 15 years ago.

Either way, the lawyers will be talking and it's most likely an arrangement will be made…


[Green Light]"V For Vendetta" music by David J has been reissued as a CD EP, including the original demo rendition of "This Vicious Cabaret" as well as a full strings version and the "Kitty Kat Keller."

It comes with a copy of Alan Moore's original typed lyrics, letter of instruction and a letter from David Lloyd.


[Green Light]And finally, from the John Byrne Message Board:

Dave Farabee, on Lost Girls: Got my copy on order. Looking forward to it more than any other comic in quite some time.

John Byrne: Then you are a complete asshole.

More fun in the link.

Apropos of nothing, from "Action Comics" #592-593, Big Barda (based on Lainie Kazan) and Superman mind controlled into making a porn movie.


[Yellow Light]In the weekend edition of the NY Daily News, they gaveaway a free exclusive Superman comic book - something of a tie-in to the upcoming movie. It was reprint of" Superman" #151.

What makes this so intriguing is that "Superman" #151 was written by Jeff Loeb and drawn by Mike McKone, both who now work solely for Marvel.

Then at Heroes Con, the convention booklet has a Bryan Hitch drawn Superman.

Why would DC decide to highlight the talent of the competition so?


[Green Light]From "Best Of Spider-Man" Vol 5, reprinting "Amazing Spider-Man" #516. This issue caught a little flack for including the phrase "... The price of Time-Warner stocks fell three percent today, mainly due to deficiencies in the publishing division -- which insiders ascribed to a lack of inventiveness in its graphic publishing arm," a definite dig at DC Comics.

In the reprint, however, it now mentions "Waltin-Nace" stock, with no reference to the graphic publishing arm…

Punch, Superboy, Punch!


[Green Light]WizardWorld Chicago is held this August, we know that for sure. It's being held at the Donald E Stephens Convention Centre in Rosemont, again, good solid info. But what's happening to the Small Press Area...?

There was some concern over the difference between two layout maps for the convention issued a few days apart. Between the two maps, one here, the other here, the Small Press area has been halved, while the space it did take up redesignated "Premier" space, $750 extra a table.

In the past, WizardWorld has been accused of downplaying Small Press in their conventions for commercial concerns. I expressed this to WizardWorld, who told me a very different take - and a pretty positive one to boot. That the small pressers who would have taken that space have chosen to upgrade their tables to Premium status, paying extra to get bigger tables, more tables even, a better look, prominence on the floor and in the WizardWorld Program and more - even if they're in the same place. All down to their expectations of sales, and general feeling of optimism for the weekend.

It's a spin, but it's good spin.


[Green Light]I hear that Marvel Adventures writer Marc Sumerak and artist Marcio Takara have a new Fantastic Four mini-series in the works.

For more, look here.

CORRECTION: The Fantastic Four project in question is a one-shot custom project for the Elks and SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration). The artwork shown is not from this project, but sample work.


[Green Light]A portentious teenage sex comic with Parable references.

A pretentious teenage sex film with Parisian references.


[Green Light]From WizardUniverse late last week:

Each week on Wizarduniverse.com, one of the Kubert Brothers -either Andy the penciller on July's Batman with Grant Morrison or Adam, penciller of October's Action Comics with Geoff Johns and Richard Donner - will pick five finalists from the hundreds of Drawing Board entries we receive….

A few hours later and the text has been changed with all the credits removed…

Each week, Adam and Andy Kubert, second-generation comic artists from the legendary Kubert family and instructors at the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon & Graphic Art, will take turns reviewing fan submissions. If you bring gum, bring enough for everybody.

Yes I thought that was interesting. Official confirmation of an LITG rumour from February that kinda slipped out?


[Yellow Light]So... what can we find if we go Amazon fishing today?

Well from IDW, we have "Mixtionary" for October, a comedy dictionary by comic luminaries such as Scott Lobdell, Shaun McManus and John Nee. November brings us "The Angel Scriptbook" by Joss Whedon and the like, and "Sparrow: Phil Hale." In December, there's "Cobb Off The Leash" by Beau Smith and Eduardo Baretto, Will Eisner's "John Law: Angels And Ashes, Devils And Dust," "Road To Hell" by Martin Shenk, Todd Lincoln and Diogenes Neves, and "Zombies! Feast" by Shane McCarthy and Chris Bolton.

Over at Oni Press, we've a lot of time for "Shenanigans" by Ian Shaughnessy and Mike Holmes for November as well as "Side-Scrollers" by Matthew Loux.

Dark Horse has a "Dark Horse Book Of Monsters with new Mignola Hellboy and much more.

"Civil War Prelude will collect Illuminati and the build up issues of Amazing Spider-Man and Fantastic Four in November. Not to mention Wolverine/Nick Fury by Stan Timmons scheduled for December 31st... 2030...

Remember. Amazon Fish always need a pinch of salt.


[Green Light]My next comic book is "Civil Wardrobe" from Brain Scan Comics, coming out in October. I haven't done a parody comic since "The X-Flies" back in 1996, so it's a strange nostalgic treat for me. Artists include Kaare Andrews, Ilya, Fred Hembeck, Mike Netzer, Frazer Irving, Lea Hernandez, Billy Dallas Patton, Sam Hart, Natalie Sandells, Ashley Wood and Darick Robertson. There are a few spots left for one page splashes that design familiar Marvel characters - and Joe Quesada doesn't object to its publication - so if you're a known artist with a cheeky one page spot in your schedule in the next month, send me an e-mail.

Kaare's "Osama Bin Hulk" is astounding and Mike Netzer's "Thor Of The Church of Scientology" is strangely compelling.

Ordering details will be made available when I have them!


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