28 Times Wolverine & Professor X Shared A Comic Cover

Details about Hugh Jackman's third and final solo film as Wolverine are pretty scarce. We know that James Mangold will return as director, following up 2013's "The Wolverine," and that the film will be written by David James Kelly. Will that script be based on "Old Man Logan"? At this point, who knows! We're not even sure if Jackman's Wolverine is gonna make an appearance in "X-Men: Apocalypse." So much about "Wolverine 3" remains a mystery, but it looks like we know one thing for certain: Patrick Stewart's back.

Patrick Stewart Confirms Role in Next "Wolverine" Film

In a recent interview, Stewart revealed that he's ready to play Professor X one more time in Jackman's final Wolverine film. "There is a project in development," said Stewart. "I understand that Professor Xavier will be making more than an appearance, however. That intrigues me."

It intrigues us, too, especially considering the lengthy history those two X-Men have in the comics. These two have been through a lot together, so -- just to get you excited about possibly seeing Jackman and Stewart together again -- we've compiled a list of the covers that Wolverine and Professor X have shared over the past 40 years. For added delight, just imagine the actors in some of these poses.

1. They stood around with the window blinds open.

2. They stood at the top of some dirty stairs.

3. They put ominous puzzles together.

4. They teamed up with Polaris once.

5. They teamed up against Cerebro, once -- yes, Cerebro.

6. They were together when Phoenix seemingly died.

7. When Professor X seemingly died.

8. And when Professor X seemingly died again.

9. They struck a pose with the rest of the X-Men -- even if Professor X stood out with that giant helmet and cape.

10. They posed with the rest of the X-Men, although someone forgot to get the lights.

11. They posed for school portraits.

12. They posed for pictures that were later held over water to create a cozy, nostalgic reflection.

13. Even with almost a dozen X-Men in-between them, they were still side by side where it counted.

14. They were together when Cyclops left the X-Men.

15. When Kitty Pryde left the X-Men.

16. When Jubilee left the X-Men.

17. And when Professor X left the X-Men.

18. And yep, when Wolverine left the X-Men.

19. They got cool makovers together.

20. They attended faculty meetings.

21. They had their image vandalized.

22. There was the one time that a robot duplicate of Professor X made Wolverine charge at robot duplicates of the original X-Men.

23. They were together on Wolverine's worst day.

24. Really, it was not a good day.

25. Wolverine tried to help Professor X deal with his childhood "friend."

26. There was the time that Professor X got all up in Wolverine's business.

27. There was one time that Wolverine got all up in a Skrull Xavier's business, too.

28. And there was the time they mutually got way up in each others' business.

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