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28 Days Later #14

by  in Comic Reviews Comment
28 Days Later #14

When you live in a world overrun by crazed and infected individuals who might as well be zombies, it might be good to show us this threat when it influences the hellish decision at the beginning of this issue. There’s a sacrifice to be made and one character gets left behind to die, but we barely see the infected and we certainly don’t see the death. In a horror comic, I want to see both of these things to make it all matter, and to also sate my need for blood.

There are far too many silent panels as the two survivors enter the city once they depart the train. I nearly always prefer some sort of words with my art, that’s just who I am, but I can accept a silent sequence when it’s more effective. In this instance, it is not more effective. We simply watch two people leave a train, enter a city, and walk around a bit. It’s nothing really telling about character or scenery. It’s just moving the story forward through boring expositional pages.

I’d hate to see the writer enforce his words over the art but in this issue we have one person clearly mourning the death of another and we also have the other person taking notes down of what has just happened. Either internal monologues would have been perfect to allow us to see a little further into these characters at such a crucial moment in their stories. Yet, both opportunities are wasted.

The events in this issue could have taken up half the space. However, the issue ends on a pretty fine splash page and so it feels like things were padded to get there. The moment is good, certainly worth it, but it doesn’t feel like it has been earned after pages of not much happening.

Aragon’s art is good when he’s dealing with something inanimate, but his people feel waxy and false. This doesn’t help the issue when we’re only following our two leads through the city. Without any words to help us get a fixed angle on them I would normally look for the art to help me out. Here, it doesn’t.

Sadly, this issue certainly doesn’t hold up to the masterful character moments presented in the film of the same title. Here we get characters plodding through a world that the writer didn’t seem inventive enough to make seem fun/scary/exciting/anything. Hopefully he’s leading somewhere after the reveal at the end, but with this lead in I’d be surprised to see many follow him.