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[Green Light]So what is the Garth Ennis/John Woo "Seven Brothers" series for Virgin Comics actually about?

I lucked upon a series description and internal artwork..

"Six hundred years ago, a mighty treasure fleet set out to sail the oceans of the world. They reached every continent, discovered every land long before history's great explorers stole the credit for their feats. Now, in modern day Los Angeles, seven men with nothing in common but their destinies are drawn together in the service of a mysterious young woman. An ancient prophecy must be fulfilled. Something terrible is reaching out across the centuries. There's a world to be saved... and the only hope for us all is a motley crew of so-called brothers and a power too terrifying to be used."


[Red Light]Earlier today, the column reported than new Marvel artist Juan Barranco was a pseudonym for Oscar Jimenez Garrido. It appears that this is totally and utterly false.

Looks like this column has been thoroughly pwned, punked, snacked, or whatever the cool kids are saying these days by an ingenious misrepresentation, which was then corroborated by other sources. Arses.

Apologies to all. Especially Juan and Oscar.

My thanks to Carlos Fraille for his assistance in this matter.


[Green Light]Alan Moore. Melinda Gebbie. Interviewed by Stewart Lee about "Lost Girls." Thursday, October the 12th, 7pm at the Logan Hall, Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way, London WC1H 0AL. £7 tickets, concessions £5, call 0845 456 9876 to book tickets, lines open from 9am to 6pm BST, weekdays. Get on the phone and call… the last time I did this, for Alan Moore/Michael Moorcock, tickets sold out in a day. Just tell them you heard it from Lying In The Gutters.

Also, do you have any copies of "Sounds" magazine from 1979 to 1983? There's an online attempt to capture and scan in any and all of the comic strips Alan Moore did for that magazine going on right here.


[Green Light]Hey kids! Are you attracted to comic book conventions that look both dated and skeevy? Then maybe you'd like to set a date for the Comic Show this December in Birmingham. Especially considering there's no Dezcon-By-The-Sea this year.

My eyes! My eyes!!!


[Green Light]This is the original shooting script to Richard Donner's version of "Superman 2." The director was hoicked off the original version, to be replaced mid-shoot. Over the years, there has been quite a mystique over the original version of the film, felt to be more serious and more in keeping with the character.

Well, this script is currently being used to restore the "Richard Donner" cut of the movie. Most of the work has been completed, the production team are currently into the final mixing and remastering. Expect this to be the version released in November on DVD.

GAIL WARNING - Updated 8/9/06 Midnight PST

[Yellow Light]Gail Simone commented on Marvel editor Andy Schmidt's observation that not enough women writers are trying to break into comics, as the reason why Marvel has so few women writers.

Gail writes, "I think it's more likely that aspiring female writers know that Marvel isn't their best shot.

"I like Marvel. I have a lot of friends at Marvel. But there is definitely a Howard Stern/partytime/fratboy/strip club element.

"Again, I like Marvel. But when I was there, it was INEVITABLE that every female who left or was let go would be referred to as a 'crazy bitch' at some point. I don't blame any one person for it, but it is something that could bite them in the ass if they're not careful.

"And on the flipside, big kudos to editors like Mike Marts who could NOT have been more gracious and welcoming. And Joe Quesada has been nothing but nice to me as well. It's not the individuals, it's just sort of an institutionalized faux 'badboys' environment, to my mind.

"As a final caveat, let me add that it's been some years since I was there and it all may have changed since then."

UPDATE: Gail writes to to say, "I do want to add that Joe Q contacted me after this story, and was very candid and open-minded. I thought that was admirable, and I thank him for taking the time to do so. I also will add that, again, I'm talking about five years ago, and I'm satisfied that the company is quite different since then, to which I say, good job, and glad to hear it!"


[Green Light]What all the fashionable boys and girls are wearing this summer.


[Green Light]This was an e-mail that John Layman sent to the Comics Dungeon comics shop regarding his upcoming signing with Josh Ortega. Which added a few emails from Josh that, well, Josh hadn't exactly written…

hey chris,

nothing for me, thanks. I'll eat before the signing. and sorry, but I got nada in the way of promotional posters.

hey… have you been getting josh's emails?


From: John Layman

To: Joshua Ortega

Date: Thu Apr 13, 2006 07:14:02 PM PDT

Subject: Re: Re: Comics Dungeon Store Signing

yeah, dude, no prob.


From: Joshua Ortega

To: John Layman

Date: Thu Apr 13, 2006 06:20:23 PM PDT

Subject: Re: Comics Dungeon Store Signing


Have you sent in your "lunch list" to Chris for the Comics Dungeon store signing? My emails keep getting bounced back, and I don't know if the trouble is on my end or his. When you send your lunch request, could you please forward this as well?

Oh, and if you don't mind, I'm going to ask them to set the temperature to a brisk 68 degrees during the signing. I prefer things to be a bit on the chilly side.

Thanks, brother!


From: Joshua Ortega

To: Comics Dungeon

Date: Thu Apr 11, 2006 04:31:62 PM PDT

Subject: Comics Dungeon Store Signing


I'd like to take you up on an offer of some food and other materials necessary for the upcoming store signing. If you don't mind, I'd like the following ready for me when I show up on the 6th:

  • 4 Sharpie pens for signing, three black and one silver.
  • A roast beef sandwich on an eight-grain French roll, with extra mayonnaise and no lettuce. I have some digestive issues that preclude me from eating cheese, so PLEASE ask for a soy-based cheese substitute.
  • Two cans of Hansen's sodas to drink. I'm not particular about the flavor, but I don't drink anything but Hansen's.
  • A package of Skittles, preferably a "wild-berry" assortment.
  • A package of antibacterial Handiwipes, containing no less than 32 tissues.
  • A jar of Jergen's moisturizing hand cream, no less than 16 ounces. My hands tend to get clammy after an hour or so of greeting fans, and I'm fanatical about keeping them moisturized.
  • I have some Necromancer promotional material I'd like to place around the store, prior to the signing, as well as an 11x17 B&W glossy of myself I would like to situate behind my signing booth. I hope this is okay.

    Thanks a lot, Chris. I'm really looking forward to this signing, and I think it's going to be terrific.

    Talk to you soon!


  • John Layman, you terrible man. Terrible man. Terrible terrible terrible man.


    [Green Light]Newsarama reported Paul Levitz's comments about further Static/Milestone work from DC, at WizardWorld Chicago, namely, "We keep talking about it. Nothing's come together yet. Dwayne McDuffie has been talking to Dan about bringing him into the DCU. But Dwayne's had some health issues."

    Over at his forum, Static creator and Milestone founder Dwayne MacDuffie had a different perspective.

    "Two things: Not that it's any of Wizardworld Chicago's business, but I didn't have surgery until May of this year. Eight weeks later, my doctors told me I could go back to work. Since then, I've written two comic books for Marvel, a series bible and development work for a new cartoon at Nickelodeon and sold a new animated series to BET. If Paul actually did imply that my illness interfered with ongoing negotiations, he has been misinformed.

    "It's been over three years since anyone from DC Comics has spoken to me about using Static in the DCU. Dan DiDio and I had a single, preliminary discussion. I heard nothing else from DC until I was called on the phone a few weeks later by someone introducing herself as 'the editor of Static Shock.' I informed her that this seemed premature, as no agreement had been made between DC and Milestone. Since that call, I've heard nothing further on the matter from Dan or anyone else at DCU.

    "Despite what has been reported here and elsewhere, there are no current negotiations for the use of Static in the DCU, nor has DC made any serious attempt to reopen negotiations."

    He later continued,

    "Seriously, I haven't had an offer from DC to do any writing since I did 'Blink/Don't Blink' in 'Legends of the Dark Knight.' I'm pretty sure they aren't interested in me as a writer, but this is an unrelated issue."

    Another poster added, "Geoff Johns said on another panel that he's wanted Static on the Titans ever since he got started on the series. I guess he didn't want him bad enough--"

    It's good to talk.


    [Yellow Light]John Byrne was initially passive aggressive, then all out aggressive over Nelson's inks for their run with Gail Simone on "Action Comics". And his board members posted a number of comparison scenes where it was clear to see that Nelson, under editorial instruction or no, had redrawn a number of scenes when inking them.

    Now Rick Leonardi has joined Byrne in said criticism. At a comics show in Boston a few weeks ago, Leonardi showcased some of his original pencils from the "Superman Returns" adaptation - and was vociferous in his pointing out of Nelson's changes - particularly the heavy wrinkles on Luthor's suit when it was supposed to be fitted, at one point calling him the modern Vinnie Colletta…

    Ouch… that's going a bit too far, Rick.

    You know, I'd be happy for Nelson to ink any of my pencils. He might actually make them look good.


    [Green Light]"V For Vendetta" was released on DVD from Warner Bros in the UK last week.

    According to the packaging, it's based on the graphic novel from "Virtigo".

    Ok, so they didn't spellcheck it. But considering who owns DC/Vertigo, it's a teeny weeny bit sloppy...


    [Green Light]Tony Lee is writing a five issue mini-series for the sub-Shadowhawk comic series "Tales Of Midnight." Will he prove that there is no such thing as a bad character? Look for it in November.


    [Yellow Light]"Mandrake" robots published 1962.

    "Daleks," broadcast 1963.



    [Green Light]Mentioned earlier, Civil Wardrobe is in this month's Previews from Brain Scan Comics - AUG063143.

    It's a parody of the current crossover drive in modern comic books - and looks at the fallout of the implementation of the Decompression Act. Including art from Kaare Andrews, Fred Hembeck, Ilya, Darick Robertson, Frazer Irving, Mike Netzer, Lea Hernandez, Bagwell, Sam Hart, Mark Stafford, Bevis Musson, Natalie Sandells, Billy Dallas Patton and more. If you want a copy, you'll have to order it from your local retailer. If they suck, click here.

    And I've also been sent cover proofs for the Italian edition of "The Flying Friar." Out in September in… well… Italy. From all good bookshops.


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