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[Green Light]The next person who asks me how I can post on a message board or reply to an email or generally, I dunno, breathe when I should be dead, gets a foot up their jacksy.

Talking of which, IDW variant covers to "CSI: Dying In The Gutters." I don't know why they sent them to me. I'm dead after all.

(L-R) Issue #1 covers by Ben Templesmith & JK Woodward. Issue #2 cover by Jim Mahfood.

Out this week. If you want a piece of history, pick up your copy. Then forever throw it in my face saying "You're dead! You're dead! You're dead!" No, it will never get old.


[Yellow Light]Are Marvel Comics buying out Dabel Brothers Productions? There certainly seems to be some kind of investment from what I'm hearing... and I expect to hear more at Baltimore.

When asked for comment, Marvel did not respond and Sean Jordan from Dabel replied "Dabel Brothers Production does not respond to rumors or speculation. Thank you."

Which is a lie in itself, as any fan of Dabel Brothers Pro press releases could tell you.


[Green Light]In 2004 it was announced that the two Dans, Slott and Jurgens, were going to follow Kurt Busiek's eight-issue arc on "JLA." A preview of that story appeared in the "JLA: Secret Files" 2004 in the form of a bio on newly created villain, the Red King.

It never appeared. Some saw this as a result of "Infinite Crisis" spilling out all over the books, including the Johns/Heinberg "Crisis of Conscience" arc. But it's now 2006 and the story has yet to appear.

Now Dan Jurgens is saying that he'll now be scripting the story since Slott is now Marvel Exclusive. Only the first issue was ever scripted by Slott.

At least Mike Carlin doesn't have a blog like Tom Brevoort had...


[Green Light]The "JLA Classified: Kid Amazo" story is complete. The delay on this particular story is due to a series of unfortunate events - originally planned as a graphic novel, but then delayed for financial prospect to be rejigged as a "JLA Classified" arc, only for "JLA" to run an Amazo story, other arc to take their rightful place… look for a definite rescheduling for early 2007.


[Green Light]Alan Moore may have destroyed the universe in an apocalypse, but that's just not good enough for its cast and crew.

There is a new "Top Ten" series being prepped by co-creators Zander Cannon and Gene Ha. Although Moore won't be involved himself, Zander Cannon has been trying to get a few questions about unresolved plots answered by the big man.

Moore is happy for his co-collaborators to continue the series, even telling JH Williams he may continue "Promethea" if he wishes. Unlikely right now though, because…


[Green Light]JH Williams is completing "Seven Soldiers" 1 from a rejigged and delayed final script. He'll then work on Paul Dini's "Detective Comics" arc, with a couple of projects after that before starting up a new unnamed project with Grant Morrison for Vertigo.


[Green Light]A few years ago, Morrison wrote an essay on magic for "The Book Of Lies." Which seemed to have been ignored by the usual Morrison demographic. That won't be the case soon, as Morrison is planning a full length book on the subject.

Spotted: "Morrison walking up Woodlands Road on Friday, wearing a kilt and using an umbrella like a walking stick a la John Steed. I think I did the world's biggest double-take" - Stu West.


[Green Light]Alan Moore and Jose Villarubia are collaborating on a graphic novel about magic, combining Jose's considerable photographic and illustrative skills. It is being published by a French publisher, and the pair considers it a continuation of the themes espoused in "Promethea." There is no information if there is yet an English language publisher.


[Green Light]All nine issues of "Luther Arkwright" have been made available online for £5 or $9.99, or the single first issue for £1, $1.99. Pages have been remastered from artwork to make up for the dubious printing procedures of the past.

It's a good time to get on board. There are moves to make a "Luther Arkwright" movie.


[Green Light]In the new Previews. A resolicitation of "Youngblood: Bloodsport" #2 by Rob Liefeld and Mark Millar, covers by Jim Lee and Dan Fraga. Been a long time coming, but I'll be getting my copy. A while ago, I bought a stack of "Bloodsport" #1 from Liefeld to subdistribute in London stores. Still got a few left I think. Time to eBay them. Issue #3 due next summer.

Liefeld also says that Diamond have copies of "Suprema" and "NitroGen #2" in their warehouses ready to ship.


[Green Light]Last week's revelation that A.J. Lieberman named all the bad guys in "Martian Manhunter" #1 after football players, raised a few eyebrows. Especially considering the legal precedent set when Tony Twist successfully sued Todd McFarlane for doing a similar thing in "Spawn."


[Green Light]Transformers… Hentai…



[Yellow Light]There's something wrong with the relaunched Wizard Universe website.

And I don't just mean because they never mentioned "Civil Wardrobe."

Look at their Breaking News:

Reviews of published comics. November Image Previews that have been everywhere first. More reviews. Reviews of previews that are everywhere. Rewritten press releases that are everywhere. There are interviews, but no news creating ones, and they are mostly questionnaires without followups. Plenty of news, but it's been reported elsewhere and none of it was broken on the Wizard Website. Might Broken News be a better label?

If it wasn't for Ben Morse's pieces and the occasional Brian Bendis interview, which do give insight and generate a real sense of identity, there would be nothing a reader couldn't gain elsewhere.

Given the resources and contacts that Wizard do have, it shouldn't be that hard to create an industry leading reportage website - the identity it was launched as being. But right now, SilverBulletComicBooks is doing a better job with a fraction of the resources. That can't be right.

Especially when The Comics Journal is relaunching Journalista to kick off its own, far more impressive revamp.

Is it fair to mock Wizard though? Well possibly...

Jason Aaron was interviewed by Wizard Universe recently, and mentioned being in Washington DC a few years with a group of Vietnam vets for the anniversary of The Wall. To which Wizard added "(Pink Floyd's seminal concept album.)…" The offending section has now been removed.


[Green Light]After repeated and continual accusations of swiping from Adam Hughes, Mark Spears posted two images, an Adam Hughes Tigra drawing:

And his own

While there may have been superficial similarities, most people agreed that no, this wasn't a swipe.

Until Andy Inhatko posted a well publicised Adam Hughes Catwoman sketch and flipped the Tigra image.

Ouch. The debate continues.


[Green Light]Normally, it's Marvel trades that drop the word balloons and then refuse to print replacement copies. Well, now DC is jumping onto the bandwagon with the recent "Gotham Central" trade, "Unresolved Targets" that saw dialogue balloons vanish.

Greg Rucka responds, saying, "I've heard from DC about the problem, and somewhat unhappily have to report that 1) the mistakes are throughout the print run, and 2) the mistakes will be corrected in the second printing.

"Given that, at least as I understand it, a second printing comes about only after a first printing sells through, it may be quite a while before the error is corrected.

"I am very sorry to everyone who received a defective copy; if/when a second print run hits the stores, I would urge everyone to exchange defective copies for corrected ones. I wish there was more I could do or say on the subject."

Don't let us stop you, Greg.


[Green Light]What the fashionable geeks are wearing when looking off camera in a pretentious fashion while leaning against a cupboard knowing in their heart of hearts that their lives are vacuous.

Nevertheless, it's a T-shirt drawn by Alan Moore to support the Northamptonshire Defend Council Housing Appeal. There are a few left if you need one. Talk to Phoenix Comics or email Norman Adams.


[Green Light]My review of "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan."

Paul O'Brien's X-Axis. Just... just because.

Just Imagine Stan Lee's Watchmen. I know everyone has linked to it. But it's genius.

And still selling stuff on eBay. Yes, including a "Spice Girls" DVD. Shut up.


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