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[Green Light]New series to be on the lookout from DC Comics following "52."

"Green Arrow: Year One," "Metamorpho: Year One" and "Storming Paradise."


[Green Light]Yanick Paquette is taking over "Ultimate X-Men" as new regular penciller starting with issue 77, replacing the previously announced Ben Oliver.


[Yellow Light]I understand that the delay to "The Boys" #3 mentioned last week was indeed down to content issues as the book went through the printers.

And that DC execs were unavailable to make an instant decision. But, in this case, the concern was on Wildstorm's side, the pressure to publish as was came from DC, and when the execs were contacted, they saw no problem.

As for the specific completed content mentioned last week? That's from issue four...


[Yellow Light]Earlier this week, I was informed that Steve Wacker was leaving DC. My DC sources pooh-poohed the idea as laughable. Later that day, Wizard Universe ran with the story, closely followed by Newsarama. Could this be the start of Wizard's big scoops?

Shortly afterwards, the Wizard story was pulled from the site. It transpired that a quote attributed to Steve Wacker - "I tenured my resignation with DC today," said Wacker. "I'm quitting DC to go edit comics at Marvel" - I'm told was partially fabricated. My sources tell me that Marvel called Wizard with the story initially after word started to leak. Wizard then called Wacker for a quote, pulled the rest from the ether to ensure a consistent piece, found it put online in a hurry and then had to pull it in embarrassment.



[Yellow Light]The recent Official Handbook To The Marvel Universe got my inbox buzzing. In February Joe Quesada referred to the Rawhide Kid saying, "I'm very proud of what we did with Rawhide and really like the new take. What is essential about the Rawhide Kid is that he's one of our great Marvel Western heroes, the fastest gun in the West and if his sexuality is ever an essential part of any given story, he's gay."

However in his Guidebook entry, it reads…

"In 1877, Rawhide fell in love with an Apache woman named Bright Fawn; Rawhide was adopted into her tribe and planned to marry her, but she and her fellow Apaches, wrongly blamed for crimes, were slaughtered by vengeful townspeople, leaving Rawhide to avenge himself against the true criminals and return to wandering...

"For a time he adopted an eccentric persona apparently intended to confuse others, even concocting false details of his childhood to cement the deception, but this failed to alienate him from youngsters enthralled by his legend, which was only enhanced after his defeat of the Cisco Pike Gang in Wells Junction."

This was no doubt someone trying to come up with a way to tie the Kid's frankly contradictory continuity together, but I've got to say the language suggests an "inning" of the Rawhide Kid to me. It's not likely something the higher ups would have approved had it come across their desks.


[Green Light]From Jim Lee's upcoming, and further-delayed WildCATS. Page 8.


[Green Light]Next weekend, the annual ComICA kicks of at the Institute of Contemporary Arts. Basically it's a three dimensional version of the Comics Journal. It kicked off with yesterday's Sunday Independent turning their entire Weekend Suplement into comic or cartoon related articles - including the cookery section.

Friday sees the celebrity cartoonist 24 Hour Comic start, under Scott McCloud rules. I did one myself a few years ago and it's a wonderful experience. If you'd like to take part, talk to ComICA organiser and Eternal Man At The Crossroads, Paul Gravett.

Workshops, demonstrations and panels dominate on Saturday and Sunday sees the same, with small press comics for sale.

Guests include Guy Delisle who is launching "Pyongyang and Shenzen," in conversation with writer Michel Faber. The "Manga Not Made in Japan" will preview Ilya's "Best New Manga" volume with Sonia Leong's "Shakespeare in Manga." David Quantick interviews Stephen Appleby, showing his "Crocks With Frocks" film (and again on Monday) and his new books "Negative Affirmations" and "Book of Farts."

On the 12th, as previously waffled on about, Stewart Lee will interview Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie on stage about why there aren't any copies of "Lost Girls" on sale.

ComICA continues through October with events from Ben Katchor, Alison Bechdel, Tara McPherson, David Lloyd, Mike Carey and related film screenings.


[Green Light]CBR publisher, Jonah Weiland tells me "On my flight to NYC on Wednesday, I was reading "The Boys" #1 and the guy next to me glanced over right as I turned to the sex scene and ended up asking me about the book. I told him about it and when I finished reading it, I gave it to the guy. He read it and fell in love immediately. First comic he's read since he was a kid and he said he'd go to Midtown Comics soon to get issue #2..."

Could "The Boys" be a suitable choice for next year's Free Comic Book Day?


[Yellow Light]I hear Black Canary quits "Birds Of Prey" in issue #99…

No idea if she gives two weeks notice or not. Hope it's for "American Idol."


[Green Light]I reviewed the pilot episode of "Heroes," the new NBC show, back in June.

Well, now I've watched episodes two and three, thanks to a pre-broadcast (and in some cases pre-effects) DVD. There will probably be a few spoilers as I waffle on, so flip to the next bit to avoid them.

"Keep things light and frothy as long as you can."

Everything basically… continues. All the characters are coming to terms with their lives and acceptance of their powers. There's one exceptionally interesting plot twist with Hiro, who teleported from Japan to New York in the pilot episode. Seems he also went forward in time five weeks. The events that he sees, including the main character death that's been trailered, are now a future he has to change. Especially since he handily has a copy of the future, his current story turned into a comic book by the clairvoyant artist (and drawn just like Tim Sale) bought in the future, with which to guide him. This may allow him to change his own destiny… and make continual geek references.

The comic book feel of the show continues - the use of hand lettered style captions for people and places, the Sin City black-and-white-then-colourised look and we now have a comic book within the show itself. The telepath policeman knocks heads with and FBI agent played by the actress who used to be a telepath in Carnivale. We've also got an actual proper bad guy villain to contend with as well wiuth fingers all over the place. Oh and there's a cool bit with a kid in cape while Peter Petrelli (dig that alliteration) is trying to fly.

"It's New York. Everyone runs into one another sooner or later."

And the characters continue to intertwine, their plots screaming out for someone to connect them even as they walk past each other. It's definitely got that "Lost" vibe as if it were all the back story (and the island is the upcoming nuclear apocalypse) but it also suffers from too much of the stupid-stupid-people syndrome.

Oh and Indestructible Cheerleader Lass is incredibly clumsy. It's what her power demands, but come on girl. Does your neck have to snap every time you fall over? Still, she does allow a particularly gruesome ending to episode 3 that should be youtubed shortly…

It's fun. It's got that "This Is Going To Be A Five Year Series Sit Down Get Comfy You're Not Going Anywhere" feel so common in US TV Fiction of late, in such an obvious sledge hammer fashion that could be really off putting, if it wasn't just the kind of soap-opera-eyness that I'm a total sucker for.

TIP: During the show we see the web address: www.lasvegasniki.com. Going there takes you to the "Heroes" fan site, dressed up as the comic-within-a-show...


[Green Light]We ran a story on this a while back, but there a couple of new details.

Mike Mayhew is using LA Craig's List to find models for a comic book series featuring the original X-Men.

The requirements?

"Professor X - must be bald and have a suit.

"Young Jean Grey - teen female with long hair a great face and a toned, athletic body

"Young Angel - 5'11, 175lbs, good looks blonde hair

"Young Beast - big apelike guy.

"Cyclops - 5'10'170 good looks, clean cut, brown hair.

"I'm also looking to cast Jean Grey's parents (Dad has moustache), her 16 year old sister, and a young friend of Jean's (any type)."


[Green Light]The young Dave "Watchmen" Gibbons… when he was forced to dress up as a superhero for his day job.

Kevin "League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen" O'Neill used to dress up as Gibbons' assistant!


[Green Light]From IDW's "CSI: Dying In The Gutters" #2…

From infamous cosplayer Zobovor.


[Red Light]I've mentioned both "Children Of Men" ...

...and "Heroes" ...

...today. Hmmm. Oh well, it's probably nothing.


[Green Light]Art imitates life.

A World Cup documentary on English football fans, for all you "Martian Manhunter" writers out there.

Oh bloody hell, it's "Wizards Of Mickey." Only in Italian for now, which is a relief.

Jock's poster for "Children Of Men."

A film which, by the way, did "V For Vendetta's" job a lot better than the movie did. Also, anyone notice that Sir Michael Caine is playing a political cartoonist who draws just like an acclaimed UK cartoonist for the Guardian? Basically Michael Caine is playing the aged Steve Bell.

The Merry Marchin Marvel Society's Podcast from 1965.

And yet again, I'm selling all kinds of nonsense on eBay and using this column to bump up the audience. Disgustingly self serving, I should be shot.


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