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This weekend, I went to ComICA, organised by Paul Gravett at the ICA. I appear to be the first person in the world to buy a copy of "Mammoth Book Of Best New Manga" which really lives up to its name. Comedian Frank Skinner also bought his copy. Photos and details next week, when I can get them off my Warrenphone.

Travis Charest has been posting some lovely commissions he did for San Diego Comic-Con.

Travis Charest has been posting some lovely artwork he did for San Diego. Let's scatter the column with some examples…


[Green Light]UK and Canadian orders for "CSI: Dying In The Gutters" have been cancelled after issue #2.

It appears that, despite distributing a number of CSI series without comment, Diamond have now been told they don't have the rights to sell the licensed comic outside of the USA.

Will someone buy them and tell me who killed me... and why?


[Green Light]Well, the "Inning of The Rawhide Kid" controversy has taken a most intriguing turn. Madison Carter, one of the writers of the "Official Marvel Handbook "(though not the entry in particular) writes to LITG

"I'm probably the last person in the line of people who should be responding to this, but I wanted to make a personal note regarding your recent discussion of the Rawhide Kid profile in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe.

"You're absolutely correct in assuming that what was said was an effort to explain the contradictory continuity of the character. I do want to point out that it was never our intention to 'in' the Rawhide Kid. It was simply a situation of trying to rectify the different behavior he exhibited in public for a short period of time, when his behavior in dozens, if not hundreds, of other stories goes completely against it. There was no conscious effort to undo the character's sexual orientation and it was never a factor in how the phrasing was used.

"I can, however, certainly see where the wording of the passage can lead to this misinterpretation. The original writer, as well as the rest of the Handbook team, was aware of what we intended it to say, and because only hindsight is 20/20, it simply didn't occur to us that it would be taken by readers to imply his sexuality was a farce, along with his persona. This is an issue that I particularly am very sensitive to, and while I wish I had the foresight to have requested this be clarified a little further, it just simply never occurred to me (or any of the other writers) that it wasn't clear enough. The fact remains that, as last stated by Joe Quesada, Rawhide is indeed gay."


[Yellow Light]Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie, the team behind the new hit Britop magician series from Image Comics "Phonogram," have had DC Comics/Vertigo making enquiries. Expect to see McKelvie's art on a high profile title soon, and maybe something from them both to follow? Congrats, guys!


[Green Light]Who wants to assist Eddie Berganza?


[Green Light]Terry Gilliam confirms the LITG rumour that he's in talks over turning his unused movie scripts into comics, with Virgin.


[Yellow Light]I understand that the next issue of "The Ultimates" is going to have one of those massive fold out splash page/panel things -- and at 8 pages wide, it's a new record.

Might take a while to get right, though…


[Green Light]We've known that Mark Millar's "1985" was rescheduled for quite some time. But it seems as if someone's beaten Marvel to the title in the interim.

"1985" is a new vehicle for Amy Heckerling at NBC, like the "Wonder Years" but set in the eighties.


[Red Light]Casting… Jessica Jones


[Yellow Light]Tim Finn writes to say "I attended BotCon 2006, the Official Transformers Collector's Convention in Lexington, Kentucky this last weekend. At one dealer table was Alex Milne, drawing sketches and selling artwork from two portfolios. One had pages from the recent DDP G.I. Joe/Transformers crossover, the other had pages from 'Cyberforce,' at least one of which looked just like the first one you showed three weeks ago. In that same portfolio were several pages from Pat Lee's 'Marvel Knights Spider-Man' run, the issues from 'The Other.' The artist's name at the top of each page? Alex Milne."

If anyone has copies to share, this column would appreciate it.


[Green Light]Alan Moore talks exclusively to YouTube about Northampton and his support for the Northampton "Defend Council Housing" campaign.

You can still buy the posters (limited edition of 100 signed £20, unsigned £5) and T-shirts (£10) by emailing here.


[Green Light]A good friend of mine, in need of some emergency cash, is selling the page from "Hellblazer" from its tenth anniversary, in which Alan Moore appears in the pub.

Alistair writes, "The interesting angle to this is that Alan Moore says he's seen John Constantine a couple of times - There's an interview which details one occasion.... and he's also said he's turned up in his kitchen late one night. This page is the original art for the one occasion in which Alan Moore entered Constantine's world. So, it is a piece of comics history.

"Now, I'm really reluctant to be selling this, and I am hoping for a good price. The situation is, in a way, related to something you've previously covered in that it's down to incompetence at Northampton Council's housing department. Moore has been campaigning against the privatisation of council housing - I'm sure you know all about that and have seen the posters and t-shirts.

"Well, what's happened here, and why I'm in a financial rut is that the housing benefits section are trying to claim that my then-girlfriend, now-wife was overpaid several hundred pounds worth of housing benefit. The thing is, a different department says that she was entitled to it, but whilst an appeal is underway and we're trying to sort everything out, they're still trying to reclaim the money from us. That's a hugely simplified version and it's much more messy than that, but the long and short of it is that I want us to be in a position where we can hand over the money if we need to, in order to avoid CCJs and bailiffs and all of that, but we're going to fight our corner as far as we can. I want to sell this, and hopefully have the money in hand, as a fallback plan.

"I sought out this piece of art in the first place, because I felt that if you believe in, or at least have an interest in, all the weirdness that surrounds magic in the comics industry (and let's not forget, two of the top writers, Moore and Morrison, are self-professed practicing magicians), then it's a link to that and a piece of it. I'd really like it to go to someone else who understands this, but you know, needs must as the devil drives."

Click here to make a bid on eBay.


[Green Light]Miles Gunter has pages to show from his new OGN from Image, "Zombee." He describes it as, "the story of a samurai, ninja and zen monk teaming up to battle the undead in Feudal Japan. It's an action horror comedy in the vein of Dead Alive and the Evil Dead films."


[Green Light]We all know that the Marvel Zombies covers by Arthur Suydam were intentional parodies of famous comic book covers, such as the McFarlane cover to Hulk 340 for the Wolverine

But look what else, by Glenn Fabry, is hiding there…


[Green Light]A page from "Watchmen" ... and from an unidentified Japanese children's title.


[Green Light]"Civil Wardrobe" is at the printers. Which means it's time to start working on some other comics projects. They've been hanging around on my hard drive for too long.

I'm looking for anyone who would like to create artwork a comic series called "Wannabee" for Vicious Circle. Set in the comic book industry, it tells the story of a man travelling to our time from the future, with the intent to get into comics industry. Based on my pitch for "Marville." This has a publisher and two scripts ready.

Then there's "Bus Stop." I'm thinking anyone who fancies taking photos and using a rotoscope effect for this. A comic about, well, people waiting at a bus stop. For buses. Script ready.

And "Piper," which is my modern historical horror/fantasy thing set in through 20th century Britain. Someone who is happy drawing Winston Churchill, old buildings, bizarre demons, mad aristocracy and council estates. Script ready.

And "The Au Pair Protocols," which well need a manga-influenced aesthetic. A decompressed emotional drama. Initial script pages ready.

Also a sequel to the now-forgotten "Holed Up" series, starring teenage daughter Zebra. An American road movie with added torture. And not just for the readers.

And "Killing Time," my sci-fi game show procedural comic. Has an interested publisher.

I'm also looking for any publishers who'd be interested in a comics project called "Political Creatures" - a fantasy look at the Blair Years. "House Of Cards" meets "Phonogram." Artist is acclaimed British designer Neill Cameron - who will be looking for a page rate to continue. Script and sample art available. This project has already had considerable media interest and should prove a publicity magnet for any publisher who picks it up.

Anything you'd like to know more about, shout.


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