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[Yellow Light]The London Comic Expo thing was, reportedly, a washout unless you're a cosplayer. One hilarious side effect was teenagers getting face painted, entering the convention for free saving them seven quid, and getting admittance to the post-show evening party. Then queuing up to the toilets to get it washed off straight away. And one enterprising couple stood outside painting faces for £2 a go. Brilliant.

Christopher Lee wouldn't sign anything, but the new music CD he'd released

Andie Tong was a success at the con by the way and I reckon it's a matter of time before he goes up to the US Marvel rather than just the Panini one.

Joe Pruett's Image studio Desperado turned up, and gave all the small pressers an audience. The Tozzer Boys bent his ear for a while and gave him a copy of their book - could Desperado be the publisher of their upcoming 2007 "Tozzer 3?"

As did the omnipresent British comics writer Tony Lee, using wanky phrases like "Powers Meets Hellblazer," who was also seen talking to Markosia about a possible ongoing "Starship Troopers" project and with Dan Boultwood about the end of "The Gloom" and their new non-Markosia project "Bjorn Of The Dead." Tony was seen picking up lots and lots of War comics. And since on his Livejournal he's been going on about how he's been watching things like "Band Of Brothers" recently, could he have a war story in the offering?

Either way, he made a spectacle of himself with his regular drinking buddy and tree climber Dan, wearing a fez, were both attempting to steal hotel fixtures. Or, more accurately, the tray of hotel matchbooks from the Crowne Plaza bar. Why they needed so many books, or what they intended to do with them, will always remain a mystery

But by the end of the weekend, it would be a far bigger story that Tony Lee's name would be associated with.

Lee popped up on Ben Templesmith's Livejournal arranging a drink following Ben's signing at Orbital Comics. To which Templesmith replied, "I need to talk Doctor Who with you!"

Could Lee be the writer of the new US Doctor Who comic book series that I've heard rumoured? And what is Templesmith's involvement? Covers?


[Yellow Light]Draxhall Jump, the comics studio run by "Flash" artist Ken Lashley in Toronto has hit a bit of a speedbump.

A number of creators are alleging non-payment and have fallen out with Lashley, leading to deadline issues and changing credits on the new "Flash" series.

The Draxhall Jump website is currently awaiting a relaunch, and Ken Lashley has not yet responded to emails sent a week ago.

Thanks to "The Nameless One" for the tip off.


[Green Light]Hey, "Civil War" fans! Yes, we know you're out there, somewhere. Anyway, just thought you all might like to know that "Black Panther"#21 shipped with a very significant "Civil War" plot twist.

And naturally, Marvel decided not to label it as a Civil War tie-in.

Put it this way. This has more "Civil War" import in that one issue of "Black Panther" than all of the other "Civil War" tie ins this month put together.

Just thought you'd like to know.


[Yellow Light]There have been quite a few people who have listed the number of changes made to the "Infinite Crisis" hardcover over the original series and noted that they seem to be preceding a return of Earth Two as a concept to the DC Multiverse.

Which could of course be rather metatextual, with the "Superboy punches" creating literal retcons in subsequent printings of the original work. A Grant-Morrisonesque work of genius, that hasn't been seen in such complexity before. See Steve Moffat's "Continuity Errors" for another take on that theme.

However, I've been told by DC sources that, internally, they've been told to keep quiet about these retroactive changes, as it might be interpreted as poor planning on various people's parts.

So there you go. I'm staying mum on this one. Let's have a swipe file.


[Green Light]Back in March, one Newsarama board poster called "bruno" noted a swipe by Tommy Lee Edwards concerning the cover image for "Bullet Points" #2

And a fan-created CG Hulk

Initially, Edwards stated, "That cover is obviously an homage to Kirby's Hulk origin cover image. I had found it (among many other small jpegs) at places that featured Marvel character statues and sculptures" and that "Obviously the person who created the 3D hulk model was influenced by the same Kirby poses as well. It's a beautiful piece. So beautiful I thought it was a sculpture produced by Marvel."

Laying the two on top ...

... seemed quite conclusive, and the cover to "Hulk" #1 ...

... didn't seem much of an influence on the CGI.

Edwards reiterated "I never denied being influenced by that image. I honestly thought it was a statue created by Marvel. I found the image as a (yes) tiny jpeg.... If I had known that the image was indeed fan-art created in CGI by some dude, I would not have let it influence me so highly."

Edwards later added, "This is very embarrassing, and quite a bummer. I honestly did not know this was fan-art created by such a talented CGI artist. I did not trace the image, and never have done so of another's work. There are many other pieces of art and statues that I have used for reference in drawing that Hulk, but I apologize to the artist of that model for letting myself be so influenced by it. I seriously thought the jpeg I found on-line was a photo of a Hulk statue. I draw from life and use many models for my work- especially when needing to nail established things like Star Wars, etc. I often have friends and actors pose for me in costume.

"I have a beautiful Randy Bowen statue of the original Iron Man (obviously based on the classic cover). I have that sitting in my studio and look at it all the time as a model for the Iron Man drawings. It's great reference and helps me to see how the suit looks at different angles, and helps me to understand how light falls across it.

"Like I said, now that this 3D model has been brought to my attention as in fact not a statue produced by Marvel nor based on specific existing artwork- I extend my deepest regret. I'll be drawing a new Hulk for the cover, as I do not wish to offend anyone."

However, from the Marvel Previews>/a>, the cover appears to have remained unchanged.


[Yellow Light]My movie counterpart Brendon Connelly over on Film Ick has a few "Spider-Man 3" scoops worth sharing. Firstly how Bruce Campbell's Quentin Beck works as the "fourth villain" in the film, to add to his extensive spoiler list. And now a Gilliam/Gorillaz movie. Bless him.


[Yellow Light]I hear word that the current DC publisher in Brazil, Panini Comics, may have lost the rights to another publisher, Pixel Media, a joint venture between Ediouro, a major Brazilian book publishing house, and Futuro Comunicação, comics and magazine publisher.

This puts distance between the Brazilian Marvel titles, also published by Panini.


[Yellow Light]No Equal Entertainment has been named as the Vancouver production company behind a new "Moon Knight" TV series, and the company behind "The Collector," "Romeo," "First Wave," "Dead Man's Gun," and "So Weird" - none of which have been bought by any UK television stations. One of whom has just bought the second series of "Joey."

One media industry commentator told me "they haven't done a whole lot of things you might call 'quality viewing'. Multi-season - yes. Things you'd let your friends know you watched… probably not."

Is it too early to start a deadpool on how many episodes will air?


[Green Light]The secondary market in out of print trade paperbacks has really been booming over the last few years, as more and more people turn to trades as their preferred long-term medium of reading comics. Last week, LITG mentioned the only Joe Kelly "Deadpool" trade, long out of print, receiving premium prices on eBay.

For a long time the retail trade bemoaned the lack of "X-Men: Onslaught" trade paperbacks, while Marvel seemed much more keen to publish more recent runs. Indeed, internally that period was seen as rather embarrassing at Marvel, and one to be forgotten. However, the current nostalgic revival of that time, and Loeb/Liefeld revisitation to "Onslaught/Heroes Reborn" looks like a sea change.

The new announced trades should have reduced eBay prices to $20-$30 each, though at one point they were going for $75. A recent example shows all six going for $200.

Miracleman is a perennial eBay high seller. The Bone One Volume edition was going for around $150 before the newest printing came out and the "Earth X" saga has some of the widest sweeping price changes, depending upon what Marvel have kept in print, or have allowed to fall.

As for Morrison's "New X-Men" hardcovers, Volume 1 was still widely available and cheap while volume 2 and 3 were going for $60 - $75 each. But as soon as solicitations dropped for the Omnibus, available through discount retailers for about half of v.2's going rate, the market crashed and now v.1's going for about $20.

The trick seems to be... work out what Marvel are going to put back into print and sell just before the announcement.

Oh, and buying up the current issue of "Black Panther," obviously.


[Green Light]Official recreations of lost Marvel cover artwork for the Marvel Masterpieces collections - now on display and for sale.

Lying In The Gutters has in the past run entire features based around an odd word or sentence in a Newsarama article (see above). But I was rather intrigued that the main section of last week's Joe Friday seemed to mostly feature questions and stories pulled right out of the last couple of LITGs. Oh and if Stuart Immomen on "Ultimate Spider-Man" had been rumoured for months, how come Newsarama seemed to believe that John Byrne was the big rumour? Okay, enough of the cheap shots for now. I'm off for a lie down.

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