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QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "In the mid 1990s, Marvel Comics planned a comic book that would depict Bon Scott playing cards in hell against Satan and Richard Nixon. Sadly, industry downsizing killed that project." - The Story of AC/DC


[Green Light]Garth Ennis and Mike Wolfer are creating a new Western mini-series for Avatar called "Streets Of Glory" starting in the autumn. It's expected to be rather violent. And here's the cover for the series preview issue:


[Green Light]Artwork from issue 7 of "The Boys," coming out from Dynamite later in the year.

You know, even though everyone knows that DC have dropped "The Boys" and it's coming out from Dynamite, Diamond Comics Distributors just won't admit it - it remains on the Diamond 'expected to ship next week' list under DC Comics - and every week just keeps on popping up again and again and again. Someone should really say something.


[Yellow Light]Listings for "Countdown" do not appear in the new DC solicitations to be released later today. There are no listings for any weekly series to follow "52". So does this mean LITG got it wrong for the last few months?

No. I understand "Countdown" will be rush-solicited by DC on or just after the New York Comic Con where the project will be announced.

Also not appearing in the solicitation is Donner and Johns on "Action Comics" for a third issue... blame the delay fish.

UPDATE: In her recent Newsarama interview, "The Atom" writer Gail Simone seemed to confirm the existenceof "Countdown," replying to the question, "Do the events in 'Atom' tie-in at all to what's coming up in 'Countdown' (not knowing what that's really about)?" by saying "'Atom' affecting 'Countdown?' Boy howdy yes!" Is this the first actual DC creator confirmation?


[Green Light]Cover art for "Water Baby" by Ross Campbell, part of the DC Minx line, has leaked to LITG. The final cover in Minx house design will use this character placed horizontally across the back cover, spine and cover. This approach may well be used across the Minx line.


[Green Light]A "Moby Dick" animated film is in the works, using Bill Sienkiwicz's designs from the "Classics Illustrated" version he worked on (which is being put back into print).



[Yellow Light]Rob Liefeld has officially replied regarding the Platinum disagreement of ownership and representation of Awesome properties, reported in last week's LITG.

Liefeld states, "For years Platinum's owner and I have existed in an uneasy truce. He has consistently presented characters from my catalogue without attributing me as their rightful creator. It is an insult to creator's everywhere when their input and contributions are diminished. It is not a tradition I would encourage or pursue.

"Look for yourself, is there mention of me on the Platinum Studios web site? Does it acknowledge me in any way as the creator of the catalogue? Does it give me, the creator of the catalogue, due respect? Investigate and learn for yourself.

"They have consistently engaged in representing my creations without my participation or my knowledge. This is a practice that I would not take part in but it is a familiar tactic for Platinum Studios in regards to me. As the creator of the catalogue, the popular and prominent author of the works and having several successful partnerships throughout the film and television industry myself, it has never made sense to dismiss me in any way, but time and again this has occurred.

"Recently, I became aware of the fact that Platinum was negotiating a multi-picture production and financing deal with my characters, specifically Youngblood as the centrepiece of the deal. I have had extensive interest for Youngblood from several talented, notable filmakers in the industry, but have used discretion as I have waited for the right partner for such an endeavor. As the creative father of these creations, I am dutifully protective of them and when news had reached me of Platinum's dealings I made my opinions known and immediately pursued action to thwart the process as well as initiate my contractual option to buy out the contract and retain total control of the characters.

"And here we are.

"The legal manuvering has begun and will continue for quite some time until the matter is settled.

"At the end of the day, I would question any companies attempts to create work without the input or blessing of the author. Arclight Films, the film company interested in pursuing Youngblood, has assured me they would not continue without my blessing or my input. I am hopeful that they are as good as their word and will back up their words with actions.

"I am not perfect by any means, neither have I shepherded my characters to perfection. But I have always put their creative interests at the fore.

"Youngblood is well known because of my stories and my artwork. Period. The millions of copies the Youngblood franchise has sold over 15 years was a result of my creative efforts. Similarly my guidance and efforts attracted no shortage of great talents to the franchise as well. Alan Moore, Mark Millar, Kurt Busiek, Robert Kirkman and Joe Casey came to the franchise that I constructed and built with specific creative goals and ideals that went hand in hand with my vision. They did not come because of a corporate logo or interest.

"I have missed ship dates on my titles but have never substituted the quality. I could easily follow in the footsteps of other creators and have ghost artists produce more Youngblood material but I have a vision that looks further down the road than the here and now.

"Platinum is now challenging my publishing rights but they underestimate my resolve and resources in this matter. "


[Green Light]Toy Biz announced details for the dolls from their Comic Book Heroes. However, previously announced Youngblood dolls such as Diebold, Shaft and Badrock were nowhere to be seen.

I understand that this is due to those properties being represented in the deal by Rob Liefeld, over scultps, contracts and development of figures with Toy Biz. The disagreement between Rob and Platinum over exactly who owns what and in what fields led Liefeld to shut the deal down.


[Yellow Light]So what's the latest on Onslaught Reborn? Well, issue #3, originally scheduled for January 17th, has just slipped again to March 7th. And artist Rob Liefeld isn't happy. "The official reason is production and marketing reasons. There is a ton of Civil War product dropping the 2 weeks before, Civil War #7, Civil War Front Line, Mighty Avengers, Civil War:Initiative and plenty of Civil War tie-ins. Onslaught was moved along with others into a less competitive month.

"I screamed, kicked, pleaded, hit the wall, threw stuff, drove the car down the hill real fast, put my head under water and did my best to cool off. This was seven hours ago and I'm just starting to cool off.

"The date is set and it is what it is.

"I'll preview many more pages in the upcoming days and weeks to tie you over.


Of course, a month back would have been the first week of January. When the book was initially meant to come out on the 17th. And after he toldNewsarama readers he would have completed the third issue by the end of November.

Maybe the delay will help to see future issues ship in a more timely fashion? No. According to Rob he has yet to see Jeph Loeb's script for issue 4. And Rob believes future issues will have to be resolicited.


[Green Light]Peter David and Billy Tucci are creating a Fallen Angel/Shi crossover project. Here's the pencils for the cover:

Although Fallen Angel used to be smoking:

Apparently the former made for a better design. Billy is also working on "The Tick."


[Red Light]Derek And Clive, three and a half minutes in.

From "New Avengers" #27:


A few years ago, Fleetway published the "Comic Relief Comic," written by Richard Curtis, Neil Gaiman, Ben Elton, Alan Moore, Lenny Henry, Grant Morrison and the like, drawn by Simon Bisley, Jamie Hewlett, Dave Gibbons, Melinda Gebbie and the like. It was wonderful.

Well, this year, the Beano is transforming itself into a Comic Relief special, and it's full of actual celebs. Jonathan Ross and the Daleks for example.

Should be remarkably silly and full of this sort of thing:

Simon Pegg writes for The Guardian about the differences and similarities between UK and US humour. Oh, and here's the third trailer for Hot Fuzz, opening this week.

Joel Meadows is relaunching the comic magazine "Tripwire" as an annual publication to coincide with the San Diego Comic Con, starting this year.

Interviews with Guillermo Del Toro, Mike Mignola, Frank Miller, Jeph Loeb, Bryan Fuller, Alan Moore, as well as an indepth look at "The Simpsons" and a 30th anniversary celebration of "Judge Dredd." Launching at SDCC, shipping worldwide in August.

Brainscan Comics ran a contest for a reader to appear in the first issue of "One Last Song". But no one has entered yet. The contest has been extended to next week, so this could be a really easy way to get inside a comic. You'll also get a free copy of the comic you appear in and a t-shirt as well. So you don't even have to buy a copy, you can spend it on pornography instead.


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