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Happy Easter one and all... here's a special film I made to celebrate - Free Creme Egg. Click on the link, send it to your friends. It's already been reinterpreted as an allegory regarding what we do with God's love.


[Green Light]Rob Kirkman. Rob Liefeld. "Killraven." Marvel. 2008.

Kirkman left one of Liefeld's Youngblood projects under slightly acrimonious circumstances. Looks like that's all in the past.

Liefeld promises 3-4 issues in the can when it is solicited. No, he does. No, really. Look, just shut up, okay?


Warren Ellis has a new ongoing monthly for Avatar starting this summer, that he's been Engine-plugging for a while, "Doktor Sleepless."

What you might not have seen - in fact no one has - are the covers. For the first issue. Standard and wraparound.

Tom Cruise for the movie, I think, yes?


I was at the Bryan Talbot show at the Cartoon Museum last week, looking at the work behind his latest opus, "Alice In Sunderland." There's a large exhibition of artwork and inspiration at the London Cartoon Museum right now, and Bryan takes his show on the road and across the pond. Signing dates include:

April 11th, 6-8 pm, Big Planet Comics, Bethesda MD,

April 12th 5:30-7:30 pm , Cards Comics & Collectibles, Inc, Reisterstown, MD,

April 13th, 6-8 pm, Jim Hanley's Universe, New York NY,

April 14th, Lewis Carroll Society of North America, (Presentation and signing) 11-12am, Columbia University, NY

April 16th 6pm, The Beguiling (Presentation and signing), Lillian H Smith Library, Toronto


[Yellow Light]The next Wonder Woman writer, after Jodi Picoult and Allan Heinberg, is... Kurt Busiek? Maybe.

For two issues. Tying into "Superman" #661. Maybe.

After that, who knows? Well, probably Gail, but let's try and preserve the illusion of suspense!

UPDATE: Kurt writes on Comic Bloc:

This isn't true, D.F.

Or rather, the pieces of it are, but you've built assumptions on them that aren't true.

The creative team that did SUPERMAN #661 are doing a follow-up to that story, yes. It is not true, however, that it'll appear after Jodi Picoult's issues and before the next writer's run begins. It's a two-parter being done for the drawer, for such time as it's needed.

As such, the next writer after Picoult will almost certainly be the next regular writer, and Richard's, Eduardo's and my story will come along sometime after that.

My DC source indicated that the story might be needed sooner than this... but the best laid plans, etc. etc...


[Green Light]It's been a while since this column launched any kind of campaign. But now's as good as any. We want... DC to love Hitman. The Garth Ennis/John Mcrea romp through the DC Universe with a man who, if he had any powers, were forgotten by the end of the run. An assassin hired to take down the bad guys, especially the super badguys, much loved, much missed, and surprisingly so since he span out of a Demon annual as part of the "Bloodlines" crossover, meant to generate all sorts of new characters. But only one made the big time, with a sixty issue series.

The trades stopped halfway through the run due to poor sales. And the "JLA Classified" arc featuring Hitman which was meant to run at the beginning of the year is still sitting in a drawer somewhere. But Ennis' work on "Punisher" has found just the sort of audience who would love Hitman.

Come on DC! Get those trades in print, finish off the run, include the story from "Batman Chronicles" and "Hitman" #1,000,000, publish the "JLA" arc and celebrate!


[Green Light]A while ago, LITG reported that comic publisher "Philadelphia Image" had received a cease and desist letter from a slightly larger company called Image. They have now renamed as 215 Ink


[Red Light]After much scorn had been placed on, well, anything Rick Olney had to say about anything, principally but nowhere near exclusively on Gail Simone's CBR message board, Rick Olney emailed round the following email to all sorts of comics journalists. And me, for some reason. It read:

Hi everyone,

I was recently asked by Rick to relate what I knew of his militaryservice in a message here, so, here I am...

First, I have known Rick on a regular basis since we crossed paths ata a local comic book convention in 1993. So, yeah, it's been awhile.

While our friendship has had its fair share of ups and downs over theyears (what pairing hasn't?), Rick has always been straightforward andtrue with me and I've never felt any need to doubt otherwise.

I've had the pleasure of being in his home on numerous occasions andI've gotten to know his family fairly well over the years.

Regarding Rick's military service? Rick received an HonorableDischarge from the United States Marine Corps in 1973 or 1974. I don'trecall the precise year at the moment, but I've seen this Dischargedocument prominently and proudly displayed in his home for years.

I'm very familiar with the dress uniform of a United States Marine andI've seen photos of Rick as a young man wearing such a uniform.

I know that Rick was an M.P. and served in the end of the Vietnam War.I don't recall his other duties at the moment but Rick has relatedmany of his military experiences to me while passing the time onvarious road trips or while I visited at his home.

I know that Rick is extremely proud of his military service and he hasevery right to be.

As to me?

I would like to say that I am making this statement of my own free will.

For the past 7 years, I have offered my services as a Notary Public tomy workplace, where I am employed as a reference librarian and havebeen for 13 years. I deal with information on a daily basis. I respectthe truth and accuracy and I'll give the truth and accuracy towhomever asks it of me. While I'm far from perfect, I like to thinkI'm capable of knowing when I'm being lied to.

My Dad served in the Air Force and one of my younger brothers iscurrently in the Air Force. I totally respect the military and thosewho choose to serve in it.

Your individual opinions of Rick are your own and I have mine. Irealize that I'm not as "notorious" and well known as Rick but Rick isRick and I am my own person.

Everyone is free to have their opinions of Rick, I'm not trying tochange anyone's mind. I'd just like to say that Rick has every rightto be proud of his Marine Corps service and that every bit of it istrue.

Dennis Kininger


Perhaps now, people will see the level of HATE and deception beingperpetrated against me by a group of individuals entrenched at "GailSimone's" CBR YABS forum and across the Internet at websites owned,operated, or having people affiliated with the "Gail Simone" group andsubsequent UNscrewed.com website. Thank you.


Rick Olney aka "orcafresh"

TightLip Entertainment

So there you go. One Honourable Discharge plus four dollars gets you a skinny latte.

This email was followed by Matt Brady and Tom Spurgeon pleading to be left off any further mass mailings from Rick.


[Green Light]All of you hunting for "Iron Man" #16? Turns out there was a serious misprint on the book, so all copies were pulped, the book reprinted for this week with the duplicated/missing pages fixed.

Unless you go to Borders, which have the faulty copies on sale.

Is this the new rare "Civil War" variant?

One uncool variant, is the new Pop Art edition of the "Ultimate Fantastic Four" TPB Vol 7, with huge visible screen dots across the colouring, not apparent on the original issues. Also on the trade front, count the missing speech balloons in the latest "Gotham Central" TPB, two pages from issue #19 falling strangely silent.


[Green Light]Dave Kelly's webcomic PurplePussy.net

Todd Goldman's gallery exhibition.

Yeah, that's quite similar...


[Green Light]Adam Murray Vs Scott Kurtz.

Fight fight fight fight fight!


[Green Light]Art from the much-anticipated second volume of the "24/7" anthology.


[Yellow Light]On the killing of Steve Rogers, Peter Parker and more in the seventies - Doug Moench on Jim Shooter's plans...

"In other words, he was going to call off Steve Rogers, but not Captain America. And then a new guy, quote, like an investment banker, close quote, would be the new Captain America. He was going to kill off Peter Parker and someone else would be Spider-Man. I said, "This is lunacy. Stan Lee would never let this happen. This is insane." But he was doing it! He got on the phone with me and said, "Look, this is happening and it's starting with you." I said, "What do you mean?" He said, "Next issue of 'Master of Kung Fu,' I want Shang-Chi dead, and when I mean dead, I want to see his blood. I want no way that Shang-Chi would ever be able to come back." I said, "Now why would you do that? If you don't like 'Master of Kung Fu,' kill the book, don't kill the character, because these things have a way of changing over time and in five years you might want to revive the character of the book, etc." "No, I don't want to kill the book, I want to kill the character. Kill Shang-Chi and make a new master of kung-fu, like a ninja." I said, "Mr. Shooter, perhaps you're not aware. Ninjas are Japanese, kung-fu is Chinese."

Jim Shooter is Bill Jemas and I claim my five pounds.


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