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Welcome to the most popular and longest running comics column on the internet. In its various forms, Lying In The Gutters has covered rumours and gossip in the comics industry for twelve long glorious and quite scary years.

All stories are sourced from well-connected individuals and checked with respective publisher representatives before publication. Mostly. The veracity of each story is judged by me and given a spotlight - Green is the most reliable, Amber means there's likely an interest involved or the likelihood isn't set and Red means even I can't quite bring myself to believe it.

Lying In The Gutters is for your entertainment. Neither Fair Nor Balanced.


[Green Light]"Girls With Slingshots," one of the earliest properties announced to be represented/published by Bill Jemas' 360EP, has left the company.

As a result, Danielle Corsetto, will be publishing GWS compilations later this year and is currently working on bringing out a new line of T-shirts.


[Green Light]From "Iron Man" #16:

It's amazing the fuss one artist drawing a small round circle can generate.


[Green Light]LITG reported the Liefeld/Kirkman Killraven project here last week... but it's not the only such project waiting in the wings. The original team on the book, Don McGregor and P Craig Russell, also have a to-be-finished version...

"I actually did start writing what would be the Honest to God final WAR OF THE WORLDS/KILLRAVEN story. Craig was going to draw it. It would make good on the promise I'd made to the readers with my very first issue, that Killraven would take the War back to Mars! And it all fell through because no one would give Craig an assurance that when it came time to do such a lengthy book, that they would present it in the best format that were doing at the time. Except for that, to my knowledge, the fans would have seen it. I wish they could have. I wish someone would take an interest in doing that. It's an unfinished saga, and I would love to have Craig and I be able to take it and do it up right. I promise you this, there are some things that happen in that story, no matter if you've read everything I've ever done, that will still take most readers by surprise. No, Don wouldn't do that! It would have a strong sense of completion for all the characters in the series. If there is anybody out there who can get it to happen, no one would be happier than me."


[Yellow Light]Is Dreamwave cursed? Long after brother Pat Lee and Roger Lee transferred revenue streams to Dream Engine and sent a debt laden Dreamwave into bankruptcy - before something similar then happened with Dream Engine, the Dreamwave name was bought up and a fresh new face presented, with brothers Christian Dery and Pierre-Andre Dery embodying that face.

Except that the new Dreamwave seems to have stopped paying creators and Pierre-Andre Dery, while still involved with the company, is no longer employed there. I understand there were financial problems, a problem with a backer and plans to republish through Image have slowed to a halt.

Leaving studios, artists, writers and all sort of people out of pocket by thousands of dollars. Again.

Pierre Andre Dery has set up a new studio with artist Dub called Capitaine Blitzkrieg. Who are also having issues with payment.

The Dreamwave.ca website is currently inactive.


[Yellow Light]There is still much discussion concerning the removed-and-delayed Krypto story that should have appeared in "Superman" #659 back in February, but was, from its schedule, untimely ripped.

On the Newsarama boards, Kurt Busiek wrote:

"I didn't say it was rescheduled. I said it had been temporarily shelved -- there are reasons they don't want to run it at the moment. And before anoter 92 people ask -- yes, I know what reasons they are, no, I ain't gonna say. I've been asked not to.

"Hopefully, it'll be rescheduled before too long, but it's unscheduled at the moment.

"This is pretty frustrating to me, too -- not only because if it hadn't been shelved, we'd be one issue closer to on-time, since the book was two days away from going to press before it got pulled, but also because I'm pretty proud of the story, and Rick Leonardi did a dynamite job on the art."

As for the reason, Kurt wouldn't spill. He added "No, sorry. DC can announce it if and when they want to, but I'm not going to give hints."

And now the DC next issue box indicates there's a Krypto story for #662, but again it's not going to be appearing there either. On the DC boards, Kurt stated "It got pulled again -- it's cursed." He added, "As it works out, you'll probably be seeing the next chapter of Krypto's adventures before you see this one; I start plotting it this weekend."

The only detail Kurt would give was by saying, "It's not up to me to 'save it' or not. We'll run it when they let us run it, pretty much.

"I thought I'd found a solution for what kept it from being printed the first time, and people at DC thought it might work as well, but once we made the revisions, the people who had to decide on it decided no, not yet.

"No guarantee they'll have changed their mind by the time of the next Annual, or that we'll have 22 pages to spare for it. And it doesn't take any work to shoehorn it in -- it's set in the past, around the finale of Infinite Crisis."

Speculation, and solely that, revolves around a possible role for Superboy in the story, a character who is legally verboten at DC right now.


[Yellow Light]At a large convention, not too long ago, one of the show promotion staff was driving Scott Kurtz and his partner to the show from the hotel. Darick Robertson saw the opportunity and jumped into the front seat.

Scott complained to the driver, asking why he let a fan jump into his ride. Darick, an unassuming kind of chap, just said he was also taking a ride to the convention center. Scott wouldn't let it lie, and Darick exited the vehicle.

The driver told Scott that it was Darick Robertson. There was no recognition until he mentioned "Transmetropolitan." Scott didn't say anything for the rest of the journey - but the driver got a couple of drinks out of it later telling the story (and probably embellishing it) to all and sundry.


[Green Light]Joel Meadows has a project in search of a publisher. Entitled "Studio Space," it's a look at how a number of major comic creators work- and most importantly where.

Here are a few quotes.

Duncan Fegredo: "I didn't touch colour at all while I was at college because I was colour blind, so I would use incredibly flat lighting on a portraiture project we were set at college. It was a disaster and that put me off colour for quite a while."

Joe Kubert: "I've always been interested in the Old Masters. Michelangelo has always been incredible to me and so has Rembrandt. Any of the Masters are standouts to me. If you go to a museum, find a Rembrandt and look at the eyes. That person is still as alive in that painting as they were four or five hundred years ago. That's pure magic."

Jim Lee: " I was taught by abstract painters who would come up to Princeton. Artists like Fontaine Dunn, who was an assistant to Frank Stella, one of the most respected abstract artists of the second half of last century. [At Princeton] I took abnormal psychology, so you get a sense of how the mind is wired."

Frank Miller: "I was first introduced to EC Comics, believe it or not, when I was in boy scout camp. My father was a scout master and he got me in under age to be in the Boy Scouts."

Other individuals interviewed and photographed include Brian Bolland, Dave Gibbons, Tim Bradstreet, Howard Chaykin, Sean Phillips, Mike Mignola, Tim Sale, George Pratt, Tommy Lee Edwards, Adam Hughes, Sergio Toppi, Walter Simonson, Bryan Talbot, Alex Ross and Steve Dillon. There's a Will Eisner tribute, a foreword by Michael Moorcock and an afterword by Guillermo Del Toro, alongside 200 high resolution images of the artists in their studios.

All it needs is a publisher...


[Green Light]I understand that "The Batman Strikes" #35 will have three firsts. It's the first book to be co-written by regular artist Christopher Jones. It's the first story ever narrated by someone who's been Jokerized (thanks to the less-then-fatal poison in the Johnny DC Universe). And it's the first teaming of Joker and Harley Quinn in the Batman Strikes universe.


[Green Light]I understand that this eBay seller is more of a reliable source than the, well, the average eBay seller...

"This 11 issue maxi-series introduces us to a new character, Breach, from a alternate DC universe that started to become more popular until killed off in the Infinite Crisis mini-series. This character will come back in the near future and play a big part in the DC Universe. A must have!!!"

We all know by now that the Multiverse is alive and well. Can the Earth-8 Captain Atom be far behind?


[Green Light]Marvel. Simon Pegg wants to play Captain Britain. Find a way.

Oh, and Rorschach.


[Green Light]Sheena #3 from Devil's Due

"Spider-Man" #1 from Marvel


[Green Light]I understand that Top Cow have sold out of their second print of the $60 Darkness Compendia hardcover volume.

Probably explains why they're putting it in hardcover as well as expanding the range.


[Green Light]A few books we didn't expect from Marvel... Devil Dinosaur Omnibus and Essential Dazzler

Okay, I'll be buying them both… I remember them as backup strips in Marvel UK titles, with much affection.

Maybe a Rocket Raccoon collection isn't impossible now?


[Yellow Light]This week, my inbox has been full of people wishing support for this column's campaign for a reissue and completion of the Garth Ennis/John Mcrea "Hitman" trades - which would also include the Lobo/Hitman oneshot and the Superman 80 Page Giant story where Sixpack tries to join the JLA.

One wag suggested that the best way to ensure the books reissue is for Garth Ennis to sign an exclusive deal with DC and get the reissue in his contract - as others may have done.

That can't be the way all business is done surely? With "Preacher" at HBO and "Punisher" doing so well, maybe this is the time for DC to launch a concerted effort so people can buy this kind of thing for their bookshelves...


"Alice In Sunderland" reviewed in the very manner of the comic.

Brendon Connelly at FilmIck reviews the Grant Morrison "We3" script.

Show your love for the TV adaptation of Michael Oeming's "Six," retitled Them. (Also in the listing for "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?" you might want to spell the word "where" correctly. Otherwise people might find it slightly ironic.

Brazil gets translated copies of "Lost Girls" issued in three separate volumes in July, August and September from publishers Devir.


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