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[Green Light]In an interview with Andy Schmidt on his departure from Marvel as an editor, Schmidt mentioned that he had a project left to debut by David Morell, creator of Rambo, but he couldn't say anything else because it hasn't been officially announced yet.

Thankfully, Morell wasn't as reticent. "I'll be at Comic-Con to talk about my upcoming 6-part CAPTAIN AMERICA comic-book series. The official debute date is September 5. Issue #2 will appear in the middle of the month. The third issue will appear at the start of October. I'll have examples of the artwork in a later WHAT'S NEW. There'll eventually be a book that collects all 6 issues, but I personally find actual comic books to be cool. If you feel the same way, ask your local comic-book dealer to reserve a copy for you. Marvel Comics will print only a certain number of copies, based on demand from the comic-book stores. After those are sold, there won't be any more available. As the release date gets nearer, I'll have more details."

Though as this story has been in the works for a couple years, it may be out of current continuity. Unless you like the idea of a "Weekend At Stevie's" comic.


[Yellow Light]Mahrwood Press is soliciting "Junior Pirates" in the latest Previews - the second time they've solicited it, featuring said item on the front page of Mahrwood Press' website.

The writer, Chuck Dixon, states that, "It was planned to be a series, but the publisher took the Rick Olney route" and that "Neither the art team nor myself ever saw a dime from this."

I've been talking to the publisher of Mahrwood Press who partially refutes this. Yes, he has had cashflow problems with the company, including at least one Spanish distributor who seems to have vanished off the face of the planet, but he is committed to paying back everyone owed money from his own pocket. As to "Junior Pirates," he states he has paid the artists about 2/3 of the moneys owed, and Chuck, for whom they have nothing but fine words for, 1/6 of the owed money. And he is determined in the near future to pay back the remaining cash. The publisher tells me, "Since Chuck moved, I don't have his address or bank information to send him money, so, what I started to do today is to send him money through Paypal. We will be making a regular frequency of the payments to him, using a payment plan with Paypal. Everyone who orders 'Junior Pirates' can be assured that the money goes to cover Chuck and then the artists who have received more already. So, buy the book and let's please help me to help Chuck.

"I don't want anything even remotely negative to be attributed to Chuck. He has his reasons and I have to respect them."

Dixon did not reply to further e-mails.

Elsewhere, in similar news, I understand that publisher Cyberosia has managed to retrieve stock of the Speakeasy "2020 Visions" TPB from Diamond's warehouses, and are offering it in Previews and online. Lovingly, each creator will receive royalty payments from the sales.


[Yellow Light]Even though both Tom Beland and Jamie Rich are being considered to take over "Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane," it may well be that the title is cancelled before a decision is made.

Krikey - maybe they could use this as a way to encourage interest in the title...


[Yellow Light]Terry Moore writing two new books for DC, with a little art to sweeten the pot? Really - Dave Sim working on something for Marvel's ICON line? All at this rather fun Toronto ComicCon report.


[Green Light]I understand that Dorothy Catherine Fontana, a writer and a script consultant for 36 episodes of the original "Star Trek" TV show, will be writing for IDW's "Star Trek: Season Four" comic book series.


[Yellow Light]Stan Lee's toupee was designed by John Romita Sr.


[Green Light]A question - what do you do when you can't draw feet? Some people get quite creative...


[Yellow Light]Krivvens, I just found this note, missed out from Bristol. Remiss of me. Understand this, Titan Books have nipped ahead of Panini/Marvel UK and have secured the UK rights to publish Ed Brubaker's "Criminal."


[Green Light]Look at these posters for Indian TV show "Fool N Final?"

Look at this web-comic "Yirmumah" for August 18th, 2006.

Thanks to Ryan Estrada.


[Yellow Light]I understand that Marvel may be in a position to reapproach Frank Miller about either new or a creative repackaging of old work. And all it needs to smooth the ground is one upcoming plotline in a Marvel comic.


[Green Light]

Mark Millar buying a round.

I thought this was worthy of a piece all to itself.

Thanks to James Dodsworth of FractalMatter


[Green Light]The "Fallen Son: Death of Captain America - Spider-Man" comic arrived in the First Look package for selected retailers. With the cover to the Captain America issue.

As a result, the actual book has been delayed till next week, with a new First Look version with the correct cover shipping this week.

Run to eBay!


[Green Light]"Edgar Allen Poo" by Dwight L MacPherson and Thomas Boatwright, from Image.

"Weird West" from Terminus Media, launching at Heroes Con

"ReAnimator" test art for a new comic series. More artists still wanted apparently... as is a publisher.


[Green Light]"New Avengers: Illuminati" #3 - The Beyonder is a mutant inhuman now. Who, for some reason, needed to be shown how to use the toilet by Peter Parker in "Secret Wars II." Which, despite being a universe crossing over and continuity affecting series, has now been retconned as a make believe world on an asteroid. And as to the Beyonder previously being exposed as an incomplete Cosmic Cube, well, who knows?

"Buffy Series 8" #4. Warren didn't die, he was preserved by Amy after his skin had been flayed - her magic keeping him alive. So, how The First, who could only take the form of dead people, could pose as him in Series Seven, well, who knows?

Doctor Who "Blink" - ever heard of the laws of conservation?


[Green Light]This Craigslist ad is for a graphic designer to help promote a Stan Lee documentary "True Believer."

Make sure you get his hair colour right.


[Yellow Light]Remember last week's mention of how a Byrne/Mackie unpublished concept is, coincidentally, being revived by Marvel?

Well, the column where I originally reported that concept, had another part to it - reporting Byrne's original plan for "West Coast Avengers," a run that also inspired aspects of "Avengers Disassembled."

Specifically the plot, "Time has been changed and the world is a nasty one, ruled by Kang. But this reality caught up to a previous event, where Thor had saved the Black Knight by placing him in a dimensional pocket outside of time and space (and unaffected now by Immortus' meddlings). He pops out with full memory of the way the world should be and starts putting a team together to make things right."

Replace Kang with Magneto and Black Knight for Wolverine and that's "House Of M" right there.

Next, how John Byrne's "Next Men" is basically just the same as "The Invisibles."


Brendon Connelly reviews a version of the Death movie script.

Feel sorry for "Wisdom's" Paul Cornell. There he goes, writing one of the best "Doctor Who" TV shows ever, and then Steven Moffat goes and writes an even better one, depriving him of another Hugo. Ooh, but "Blink" was good. Physics aside.


[Green Light]Thomas Alan Holmes writes, "You often describe events that I wish I could attend, and I thought I would reciprocate. William King Regional Arts Center in Abingdon, Virginia, will be presenting a showing of original Charles Vess work from 'Stardust' until 9 September 2007. I visited the museum yesterday and it was a genuine pleasure to see so many original pieces from the 'Stardust' project that Vess and Neil Gaiman created. Highlights of the display also include a display of Vess' office space (including work table, favorite toys, and shelves of reference books), a large soft sculpture of the Green Man's face in a tree, early mock-up sculptures of the statues to be released through DC/Vertigo, part of the sculpture that Vess has been commissioned todesign for the Barter Theatre fountain, and Gaiman's handwritten drafts for 'Stardust' on display next to Vess' sketchbooks. Your readers can learn more about the event at www.wkrac.org."


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