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[Green Light]I hear word of a Luke Cage/Misty Knight series for Marvel created as a seventies period piece on the way, complete with canary yellow outfit and tiara. Has someone been watching too much "Jackie Brown?" Is that possible?


On Friday, Dan Didio announced that Mark Waid was writing "Flash." On Monday, LITG announces that it stars Wally West and that his family are back, too.

I also understand Ron Marz has a new project at DC. Sorry, that's all I know, come back later.


[Yellow Light]Of late, there has been some, possibly mindless, speculation from DC people and those with DC connections, that Dan DiDio, Senior Vice President - Executive Editor, DC Universe will depart from DC shortly.

The gossip tide was firstly that DiDio is meant to be blamed for an underperforming "One Year Later" and there has been some, quite expected, criticism of his heavy handed approach to the creative nuts and bolts. Secondly, that DiDio's nickname has, reportedly, changed from "Shooter" to "Jemas." And thirdly that the "Countdown" series had been passed to Mike Carlin to oversee, an experienced industry man who many thought had seen his time pass at DC in favour of DiDio's approach.

However, I mention it now because the gossip tide seems to have turned, with something behind it. Not only has Dan reupped his DC contract, but the promotion of Jann Jones to Contributing Editor has yielded results. Described by some as basically running the DCU, her title belies her extensive role in idea creation, management and hiring and the results of their work on the DCU are starting to show. "The Dan And Jann Show" is the way it's been described to me and certainly a force to be reckoned with.

But could Mark Waid be a new factor? We've heard how he's writing "Flash," but I hear he may be talking to DC about a more extensive editorial director/writer position, possibly something akin to what he once had at Marvel Comics.

It certainly makes for interesting times.


[Green Light]I understand from one convention goer that during the "Countdown Presents The Search For Ray Palmer," the worlds visited include the Earths from Elseworlds classic series "Gotham by Gaslight," "Red Son," "Red Rain" and "Earth 2."

Insert witty comment here.


[Green Light]Sana, she of the "Heroes For Hire" #13 cover, has had a rather fortunate couple of weeks. Ever since Lying In The Gutters printed CB Cebulski's link to her website in conjunction with the story, she's had a number of offers of professional work from top US companies.

It's fun to see how many tentacles this column has into the industry.


[Yellow Light]Keep an eye on your DCU comics over the next few months. There's a new editorial guideline that requests that stories start with a splash page. Basically, instead of writers creating a few dense pages that build in intensity and pleasure, the request is that, like a young gentleman's first romantic encounter, they spaff all over the comic immediately. Look for more and more DCU books to step into line.

If so, I do hope the title of this piece catches on.


[Green Light]Recently, LITG ran a piece about how the "Cable & Deadpool" TPBs were out of stock and fetching mucho dollars on eBay.

Well, a few months ago, they were all reissued, one trade sent out every week.

And they are all labelled as first prints. Leading to much eBay buyer tears.

Yes, to some people that does matter!


[Yellow Light]Mike Kunkel is writing and drawing a new ongoing Shazam! series. Check his blog to see some of his teases over here, here, here and a wee mention on Jeff Smith's board, too.


[Green Light]In the new Wizard e-mail you can buy the SDCC exclusive Colonial America Marvel Zombies bust for the low price of $79.99. Or you can buy it from your retailer through Diamond Select for $60.00. Your call.


[Yellow Light]I understand that Tokyopop are actively looking for French/European comics to licence, as the competition for Asian manga is hotting up - and TokyoPop don't seem to be getting any new licenses. Mind you, many American OEL creators who feel their work is poorly (i.e., not at all) marketed by Tokyopop's marketing department aren't too pleased. Especially when it seems that the marketing department forgot to submit anything for the Eisners or the Harveys this year.

I suppose they could always publish "Nymphet."


[Green Light]Pages from "Adam," written by Alex de Campi, drawn by Luigi di Giammarino, colours by Laura Martin. From an original idea by Elizabeth Markevitch. Published by Humanoids, first book out next week.

Oh and the cover nicked from Alex's website.


[Yellow Light]Dini...



[Green Light]On the Thursday of San Diego, Avatar and Atomic Comics are running a joint party, hiring a multi-story restaurant/bar across from the convention centre, sponsored by a number of alcohol manufacturers. Free booze, models, a sense of class (not normally associated with Avatar's previous bashes) and Warren Ellis. Restricted to 200 invites, Hollywood stars/director/producers already have theirs (and have RSVPd) start your blagging motors now. Man, wish I was going this year. Anyone want to fly me out? No? Damn.


[Green Light]The Hot Fuzz DVD is out in the UK. Americans, if you needed an excuse to get a multiregion DVD player, this is it. Or, you know, you can wait two weeks.

Those of you who don't want to know the ending of David Morell and Mitch Breitweiser's "Captain America: The Chosen," don't look at the press release Marvel put out way back and still have on their website.

Andrew G is finishing the "Life And Times Of Ben Reilly" book, looking at the Spider-Man Clone Saga story, but wants to get hold of Howard Mackie, Terry Kavanaugh and Bob Harras. Anyone who can help, please contact grayhaven05@hotmail.com

Some people have asked my policy on spoilers of late, due to my reluctance to spoil the One More Day plot or the Skrulletra/Skrull Invasion Of Earth stories (although eagle eyed viewers may have seen ELEKTRA IS A SKRULL written out in the beginning of sentences last week). It's this: I'll run such stories past the publisher to see if they mind, and pull them if they do - unless they or the creators have gone and spoiled the stories themselves. Then it's fair game. Such as the BBC leaking the plot of the Doctor Who series ender in two week's time....


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