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[Yellow Light]After the Ellison/Groth mediation, who's next? Could it be Rob Liefeld and Platinum Studios?

Rob Liefeld writes, "Okay, the good news is that after a long protracted period that has stretched on since last fall, Platinum Studios and myself have recently come to the most amicable of terms that we have had in the past ten years. We have settled much of the differences that divided us until now.

"In a nutshell, what this means is good news all around for all the Awesome-Extreme properties and that we will be able to start producing much more product, comics, toys, games than any time in over a decade.

"So, in the immediate future, I've made a deal with an established publisher to start running new product as of October 2007. Look for the first fruits of this partnership in next month's PREVIEWS. There will probably be some news coming out of San Diego as well.

"An all-new Youngblood series will begin in early 2008, likely in January. A very talented and popular writer is at the helm acting as the producer of the series, I have in essence granted a free license to him and I will be producing covers for every issue.

"Yes, Bloodsport is on tap to finish as is several other long dormant products.

"As for the Arcade imprint, there are still new projects to come in 2008 from Arcade but that's way too far in the future to talk about. Arcade will be a production label on Bloodsport when it emerges at the new publisher.

"So, small steps but positive steps.

"Trust me, you'll have plenty to discuss in about 30 days...."

No word from Platinum as of yet. See you in four columns time then.


[Green Light]I understand that Borders books stores, merrily stripping their covers to unsold copies of Marvel's Stephen King adaptation "Dark Tower," have been told that actually the comics aren't returnable, like all the other newsstand comics they buy.

It seems that Borders either went through Diamond or to Marvel direct and bought their stock on 'unreturnable' terms.

And then forgot to tell the store managers.


[Yellow Light]Last week, I gave you word of a Punisher Baby on the way soon.

Well, I also hear words of a Bob Reynolds (The Sentry) and Bruce Banner (The Hulk) fist fight on the way. Let the weakling secret identities clash!

Also, a mutant birth? Apparently they've been non-existent after "House Of M."


[Yellow Light]I can't believe I'm using the same headline but it's such a good one I can't help myself.

I understand Pete Tomasi will be writing "Batman And The Outsiders" for DC Comics.


[Green Light]Chaos City of St Albans, UK are moving away from plastic bags as an environmental measure, switching to recycled brown paper bags.

To that aim, Dave Gibbons created a new piece of Martha Washington artwork (seriously, movie executives? Martha Washington by the creator of "Sin City"/"300" and the co-creator of "Watchmen," what are you waiting for?), designed the layout and got Frank Miller's approval.

The design is being made available to any other comic shops who would like to change their comic bag stock to something a little less, well, plastic. Contact Chaos City and they'll insert your details and send the design back for free.

Any other A-list artists willing to volunteer a similar design?

The original art work will be donated to an eco-friendly charity.


[Green Light]I understand that Rick Veitch is attempting to locate the original art for the original "Mirror Of Love," his Alan Moore/Steve Bissette collaboration for the "AARGH!" anthology a couple of decades ago.

My favourite work of the pair, it was recently reinterpreted by Jose Villarubia and published by Top Shelf. But the original "AARGH" copies are hard to find, let alone the original art. It was originally sold in a benefit auction, but which auction, where and when has faded into obscurity.

Rick intends to repunblish the work in his upcoming "Heartbursts And Other Romances" TPB collection from King Hell.

If you know anyone with pages, please contact Rick at rarebit@sover.net. Oh and buy his "Army@Love" book from Vertigo, too. It's rather nifty.


[Green Light]Alex De Campi's disillusionment with pitching to Shelly Bond at Vertigo last week, with Brian Wood's responses has made quite the rounds this week. But eager bloggers missed a rather amusing end snark from both parties towards the end of the thread...

Brian: I just piped up because Will's a great editor, imo.

Alex: Will Dennis is the new Larry Young!

Brian: meaning, that neither of them will give you the time of day?

And that, my friends is what The V is for.


[Green Light]Brad Meltzer on Newsarama on internet and comics. "Most positive is that we're all not alone as readers anymore."

John Byrne on his forum. "I would call that the most negative! And right there we see the danger of what happens when fans turn pro, and are unable to stop thinking like fans."


[Green Light]From the master, here are a couple of gems from an interview with Alan Moore in the new "Tripwire Annual," apparently coming back from the printers as we speak and Diamond-shipping in early August.

On movies: "I was invited to the premiere of 300 but I didn't even like the comic… I think it's far from the best thing that Frank Miller has ever done."

On removing his name from the "Watchmen" movie: "If they go for some other novelty option like they did with V For Vendetta then I'm in for another year of excoriating them in every interview I do until they remove my name from it."

Along with Mignola, Fegredo and Guillermo Del Toro on Hellboy's future, interviews with Matt Groening, Bill Morrison, Jeph Loeb, Bryan Fuller, Tim Sale, Paul Cornell. Frank Miller, Zach Snyder, Gerard Butler, Pat Mills, John Wagner, Alan Grant and comics by Roger Langridge, Sean Phillips, Frazer Irving, Roger Mason, David Baillie, Kody Chamberlain and more.


[Green Light]Planet Hulk USA - retail $40

Planet Hulk UK - retail £15

Okay, the USA version is hardcover, but still. This has become more and more common of late. Panini/Marvel UK's decision to create an Ultimate Galactus collection by taking the three unsold trades and putting them in a flimsy binder and charging a discount rate, was classic. It may not look as great as the other options, but it's a lot cheaper.

If you've got the space that is. Roll on digital comics!


[Green Light]Talking of which, what does a comic book look like on an iPhone? Benjamin A. Trujillo of comic store Star Clipper knows.


[Green Light]British cartoonist, artist and letterer, James Redington died on Thursday from heart failure. We exchanged emails, drank together and even shared the credit list of "Event Horizon."

Cheers, James.


[Green Light]Todd Allen is going to be unbearable. He called fourth quarter as well.

I write and draw political cartoons for the UK blogger Guido Fawkes. I quite liked today's one.

Ha ha.


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