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27 Gambit Covers That Will Convince Channing Tatum To Stay

by  in Movie News Comment
27 Gambit Covers That Will Convince Channing Tatum To Stay

This has been an awful week for fans of Channing Tatum, fans of Gambit and fans of the notion of Channing Tatum as Gambit. According to a report, Tatum’s actually considering stepping away from the Ragin’ Cajun’s solo film — and the movie just got a budget and production start date! We’re this close to seeing the “Magic Mike” star strut his stuff as everyone’s favorite card throwin’ mutant scoundrel, and now everything’s exploded.

An Open Letter To Channing Tatum To Save “Gambit”

This is surprising considering just how badly Tatum wanted “Gambit” to happen — and how badly he wanted to play Remy LeBeau. He campaigned for the role, signed on as a producer, learned how to throw cards, started on a Gambit diet and even went to Comic-Con International to promote the film, which doesn’t start shooting until October. The guy wants to be Gambit! Something’s happened, though, and maybe Tatum simply needs to be reminded of who this character is, what he can do and what he could do if he sticks around. We looked to the comics for inspiration, because sometimes there’s nothing more convincing than the source material.

1. You could climb mountains!

2. You might even get a Ghost Rider makeover.

3. You could convince Hugh Jackman to stick around by challenging him to a fight!

4. Or if Jackman just wants a team-up, then, that works too!

5. There’s the possibility you’ll get to do sick motorcycle tricks.

6. You could pull a fast one on all of the X-Men!

7. You could go spelunking in a lady-cave!

8. You can always explore a career as a Horseman of Apocalypse!

9. Gambit goes on road trips!

10. You can even travel abroad!

11. You will be the center of attention — maybe not the good kind, but still.

12. If you want to hang out with fairies in your movie, Channing, there’s a precedent.

13. You loved “Daredevil” on Netflix, right?

14. Okay, you actually can’t team up with Daredevil, but you could steal his schtick!

15. You could wear a totally rad bandana!

16. You can participate in a lifesize chess game without going to a Ren Faire!

17. You get to make pole vaulting look badass!

18. You could make a large section of fandom freak right out by going on a date with Rogue…

19. … or, okay, yeah, you could get burned.

20. Who else does sweet leaps in front of their own name?

21. Who else has the patience and skill to train a cat?

22. No but seriously, Channing, pole vault leap kicks!

23. You can even yawn and stretch it out if you get too tired.

24. And you’re “Gambit’s” producer — no one’s throwing shade if you take a nap!

25. Haven’t you always wanted to do a movie with Wesley Snipes?

26. Of course, sometimes being Gambit ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

27. But you could still get your face on a trading card!

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