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[Green Light]You want "One More Day" spoilers? CBG subscribers have had them for a week or more.

Now this doesn't spoil more than much that has been presumed and reported on by the message boards. And there are a number of specific details I'm aware of that are missing - but are totally foreshadowed in the first "One More Day" issue.

But you get the jist. Let's white out the scan that's been doing the rounds, just to be sure.

Later, the article reads "The new arc will bring much that's new to Peter's life. 'The first few months consist of all-new villians and some new supporting characters. There's not really room for love interests in Peter's life, so we're looking a lot at the Bugle staff and other parts of his social life.'"

So there you go. Hands off that mouse, and leave CBG well alone if you want to remain as unspoiled as pre-Didio Mary Marvel...


[Green Light]All of you people waiting for the "World War Hulk" trade?

You may have to wait a little longer. I hear it's planned as a big TPB rollout - to come out late 2008 alongside the Hulk movie.

All original issues are still in print however.


[Green Light]Brian Wood sent out a press release this weekend, stating that the rights to the series "Demo" had reverted to himself and artist Becky Cloonan.

I understand this is in advance of the series being republished by DC/Vertigo with a new "Demo" series to follow from Vertigo in the near future.

Brian currently writes "DMZ" and "Northlanders," and Becky draws "American Virgin," all for Vertigo.


[Green Light]What is this planned TV series for next year, "Johnny Dynamite?"

Frequency Films is the Paramount-based production company of writer Joel Wyman, the man behind "Keen Eddie," a critically-acclaimed series from Bravo.

What about "Johnny Dynamite," the psychotronic detective comic by Max Allan Collins and Terry Beatty for AiT/PlanetLar.

They're the same thing. Looks like we have another comic book TV series on our hands.


[Yellow Light]The Orlando Comic Con just put on its second year show this weekend, talking it up and boasting of 3000 pre-registration attendees. They also advertised such guests as Peter David and Stuart Immonen.

Peter David had his own take as to why he wasn't there. The organisers never got round to sending him air tickets.

Same with Stuart Immonen.

David Lloyd, it appears, had requested a return ticket to take him home the Thursday after the con, so he could attend a signing at local store "AComicShop." The organisers agreed. But he got a Monday return instead.

That same shop had paid for an ad in the convention guide book. It didn't get printed.

The show was advertised as three days but shrank to two.

Artists' Alley only filled ten out of fifty seats and gained the nickname "Artists' Back Alley Abortion."

Apparently around 600 people turned up, including dealers, guests and staff.

With inflation like that, maybe these guys should work for Wizard World?

Still, that meant a rather high pro to fan ratio, so the fans who did turn up probably had a great time.


[Green Light]Another monthly newstand UK title has been added by Titan Magazines, "DC Universe Presents," reprinting "Supergirl" and "Brave and the Bold" issues a few months after their US debut, as well as a rotating feature, at a much lower cost than the original issues.

The UK comics newstand really hasn't looked as healthy as it does now, for many years.


[Green Light]Let's leave the rumours and gossip just for a minute. Frank Quitely has put a whack of his original art up for sale. They've sold fast, but I managed to grab a few scans for posterity...

More next week!

Quitely has sold few pieces over the years, mostly items are the pages inkers get. The comic art dealers have been going mad for it!


[Green Light]I mean it looks like Justice League, doesn't it? "Warner Bros. Superheroes... action feature film based on the most popular DC comic book heroes..."

Sounds like Justice League...

"The primary focus should be to find Caucasian actors. There is 1 role for the Black Actor."

Yeah. that's Justice League. Filming in Australia, shooting in February for 3-4 months (emphasis on the 3). Ooh, what's this?

"We would like to ask each actor to tell us a story of the funniest thing that ever happened to them and then the saddest story. If the saddest story is too uncomfortable then they can skip that".

Make them tell it! Justice League Of Emo!

Here's the full audition listing.

NAME OF PROJECT/AUDITION: Warner Bros. Superheroes






CHARACTER BREAKDOWN / PROJECT NEEDS: jodi rothfield,CSA & Heidi Walker 206-448-0927




Warner Bros. Feature Film Search


DIRECTOR: George Miller ('Babe')

Auditions: week of Sept 17-21

Callbacks: tba

Shoot: Sydney, Australia starts approx. mid February for 3-4 months. Obviously, availability is important since this is shooting out of the country...so please do not take an audition spot for talent not avail due to any reason that is set in stone.... Please submit ASAP! Thanks!

Two pictures and resumes please.

*This is a search for the 8-9 leads for this action feature film based on the most popular DC comic book heroes.*

We are looking for Male actors 18-35 years old; Caucasian and Black. The primary focus should be to find Caucasian actors. There is 1 role for the Black Actor.

We are looking for Female actors 20-32 years old; any ethnicity.

The aim of this audition process is to learn about the sensibilities, range, humor, delivery and life experience of each actor. We are looking for great actors who enjoy working in an ensemble. (Improvisational skills, theater training and comedy would be useful.) We will also need to keep in mind that we are looking for physically fit actors with good body types. Please have the actors wear form fitting clothes.

We would like to ask each actor to tell us a story of the funniest thing that ever happened to them and then the saddest story. If the saddest story is too uncomfortable then they can skip that. Each story should be no longer than 1-2 minutes long. We will also ask the actors to read one of the following scenes. They can pick from the five scenes attached to this email. The use of the sides should be self-evident. Obviously some are long...but there are short choices too.

It's all here...


[Green Light]David Fickling Books, publishers of "Lyra's Oxford," are publishing a new anthology comic. Called "The DFC," it will be subscription only and feature a mix of genres. One named is "Robot Girl," another is by "His Dark Materials'" Phillip Pullman.



[Green Light]Frank Cho is leaving "Mighty Avengers" after #6 and the subsequent annual.


[Green Light]As predicted in last week's LITG, and mysteriously not followed up by anyone, Steve Geppi was given The Woodrow Wilson Award for Corporate Citizenship award by the Wilson Center.

One of the presenters was Paul Levitz. In the tux, far left. The dinner was co-sponsored by DC Comics.

The press release also talks Geppi's sponsorship of the M&T Bank Stadium, home to the NFL's Baltimore Ravens, naming the "Geppi Entertainment Club Level." Last week's LITG managed to get the sentiment right, but not the club. Or the stadium. Or the sport. Whether we got the sum right, $7 million, and the extent, if any, of DC's involvement in that donation, I guess we'll never know...

Meanwhile, Diamond's non-Premier publisher reorder penalty stays.


[Yellow Light]I hear work that Victor Ishimura, named in this column as being owed money from Marvels/Dabels, received a cheque for the full amount from Marvel this week. He's not alone - shout out if you have been paid.

However, I also hear colourist Ricardo Riamonde is still owed for his pre-Marvel work on "Legacy" #3 and #4, 11 pages from "DragonLance" #3, 7 pages from "DragonLance" #4 and character design for "Imaginaries," in all totalling $5000.

Les has asked Ricardo to contact him about the "Legacy" work - in fact anyone who believes the Dabels owe them money should contact ldabel@dabelbrothers.com. He dismisses "DragonLance" as work Devil's Due must pay for, and "Imaginaries" wasn't published by them in the end, but by Mike Miller's Alias. Devil's Due representatives didn't officially comment nor did Mike Miller, but both expressed surprise and wanted to sort out any such problems, too, and I've passed their emails on.

You know, this is a refreshing turn of events. Publisher who owe people money who actually respond to e-mails and seem to be actually willing to help and fix any outstanding debts that they may not have even been aware of.

I also hear word that there is dispute between a number of creators and agent Romulo Soares from Lynx Studios, which covers a considerable about of Dabels work, as well as other publishers. Would Romulo be so kind as to contact this column before next week to help clear up any issues?

And in a different world, Mat Nastos claims he sold 20,000 copies of "Fionn," a self published comic at Celtic Ren Faires. You can hear him saying so on YouTube.

The artist, Pierre Villeneuve, who drew the book on a back end deal has yet to see a penny, or be told how well it's selling. And now Mat has moved on to new work!

Mat did not choose to officially comment. But I would like to point out that 20,000 sales is more than all self published comics sell, is more than almost all of Image books and plenty more than a number of DC and Marvel titles.


[Green Light]Jamie Boardman left the group "if this group reaches 50,000 members, my first child will be named Batman."

Frazer Irving and Paul Cornell were tagged in an album.

David Bishop is not rockin' all over the world, and he hates people who replace the letter G with an apostrophe.

And this week in Bebo, I may have accidentally pressed the button that invites everyone in my Gmail to join. Bebo is a much more youth-targeted social network and ignored by much of the mass media in favour of MySpace and Facebook. And now 200 comic book professionals have just signed up on my recommendation. This is how we're going to get the kids reading comics!

And, oops.


[Red Light]We know what Doctor Strange was up to during "Civil War."


[Green Light]"Metronome" is an experimental graphic novel by Veronique Tanaka. The book is a visual poem in 4/4 time at 16 panels per page over 64 pages. The erotically charged story of a doomed affair is told in a non-linear manner, with what at first seem random images acquiring significance as the story unfolds.

The book is to be published by NBM in Spring 2008.

But Lying In The Gutters readers can see the whole book as a 17 minute animation here.

Your Lying In the Gutters free entry code is 94411. This will be valid until the end of the year.

UPDATE: Due to the mass of traffic this column sent, the free entry key has been disabled. Sorry!


[Green Light]IDW comic

Google Search


[Green Light]My brother's band, the Austin Francis Connection, being interviewed and performing… guess what, he's the one who talks a lot.

Comics you should have read this week: "JLA/Hitman" #1, "Gutsville" 2, "Army@Love" #7... Do so immediately!

What was "Shadowpact" #17 doing mentioning... the forbidden one? No one tell the Siegels.

Alejandro Arbona left Wizard at the beginning of the year... but now he's really left. I wonder if it had anything to do with Sean Collins getting shitcanned...?

Bluetongue hits Guido Fawkes.


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