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[Green Light]I sent a joke two page script round to a few friends the other day. Michael Netzer was one, and he decided to take me far too literally by drawing it up. Didn't I get a lovely surprise.

Michael Netzer is a fast, quality, underused, under appreciated artist. Someone could make a lot of money with him on their books.


[Yellow Light]So. If Warner won't let DC Comics kill off Batman in "Final Crisis," who can DC get away with introducing to the Grim Reaper? I mean it has to be decent names, but it also has to be someone that a major franchise license isn't totally resting on.


From Geoff Johns' CBR interview: "There are still tons of characters to write. Aquaman is a big one. I have very specific ideas for him. Very specific."

From the letters page of this month's Johnny DC "Justice League Unlimited," in response to a young reader who doesn't like the changes made to Aquaman: "Fans of Aquaman's original look can look forward to a new comic book later in 2008."

May be the original look, but will it be the original character?

I only ask, because the two names marked for karking I've been given by a DC source are Martian Manhunter and Aquaman.


[Green Light]Frenzied old school DC fans may be placated by another series. What I hear is... Geoff Johns, Ethan Van Sciver, "Barry Allen: Rebirth."



[Green Light]The Porn Industry-Meets-Zombie comic, "XXXombies" gets a third issue cover from Kieron Dwyer and Tony Moore.

I still reckon "Stiffs" would have been a better title.


[Green Light]Marvel Comics have threatened legal action against another popular downloading site, Komics-Live. The site went down for a few days, before being restored with all Marvel files no longer linked to.

In related news, the illegal download link site The Pirate Bay has seen huge increases in its comics traffic. Pirate Bay, based in Sweden, does not outlaw the act of linking to an illegal download, and the site has seen off repeated legal attacks and threats. It may be that Pirate Bay will become a lightning rod for easily-accessible illegal comics torrenting.


[Green Light]David Boring – Male Model


[Green Light]Wolverine's next arc is called "Get Mystique." I'm really hoping for a "You're a big mutant, but you're out of shapeshifter" line.

And "X-Men: Divided We Stand" is leading up to a conclusion in "Uncanny X-Men" #500. Look for a new team and a new raison d'être.

Possibly not setting up as a mutant florist, but you never know.


[Green Light]A rogue "Atom" solicitation for #22.

"Frozen in time and powerless without his belt, The Atom finds he is trapped within the subatomic world of the Genesis Bug and learns the truth of his involvement in the mysterious disappearances within Ivy Town, forcing the Mighty Mite to choose between saving the displaced faces from his past or his own life! None escape the city of the lost."

Cover by Ladronn.


[Yellow Light]Sergeant Rock commission by John Byrne

Sergeant Rock cover by Joe Kubert


[Green Light]Last year, I reported on a gorgeous animated version of the wonderful"Metronome" graphic novel by Veronique Tanaka.

Last time I linked, it took down the server. This time they're readyfor you. Accessible with the code 04545 for the next month. Go look.


[Green Light]It may have escaped your attention that I wrote a comic book called "Flying Friar," recently published in colour by Markosia.

Well, before we begin, I am reliably informed that "Flying Friar" starts to dribble through to the USA West Coast this week. Two months after it first hit the East Coast.

Apparently, a bunch of copies were lost in transit from Diamond UK to Diamond US, so only East Coast orders were filled. A reorder was filled by the publisher, but those replacement copies kept being snapped up by new reorders from shops that had sold out in the UK and on the US East Coast. Finally those reorders seem to have subsided and copies were able to make it through to Pacific Standard Time. Some of them. Comic Relief in Berkely, California gets their copies on Wednesday, but Comickase in San Diego is yet to. Maybe next week lads? Strangely, Earth 2 Comics in Sherman Oaks is getting their advance reorder, but not their original order. Thankfully the former is larger than the latter, but still.

It's a compliment on the book's appeal, really. It's just, I wish it was a compliment that saw universal simultaneous rollout.

Markosia continue to fill and refill orders on the book – they over printed by 300% - and any comic shop can order copies using the code AUG073845. If it goes to backorder, don't worry, the order WILL be filled.

Valerie D'Orazio recently reviewed "The Flying Friar," as did Kevin Huxford 40 seconds in. So, you know, heed their words...


[Green Light]In "Doctor Who" news, Chris Chibnall, "Torchwood" showrunner, writer of "Doctor Who" episode "42", "Torchwood" episodes "Day One," "Cyberwoman," "Countrycide" and "End Of Days," has been appointed showrunner for "Law & Order: London." I don't think "Doctor Who" fans have heard better news for a good while. There were rumours he was succeeding Russell T Davies as showrunner. I guess those rumours have now been scotched. I'm still waiting/hoping/pleading for a second series announcement for "The Sarah Jane Adventures," the truly successful "Doctor Who" spinoff, and probably the best kids TV show since "Press Gang." Damn, that penultimate episode cliffhanger was good.

Sorry I'll shut up now. Something comics. Anything comics.

Ah yes. Did we all miss that Panini published the first collection of the Spider-Man newspaper strip. Expect quite a bit of grey importing back to the motherland.


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