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ITEM! Forgive a change in format this week. Time is pressing, it was my parents joint 60th birthday at the weekend in Worcester, and it's been all go. Appreciate what you get, in eight weeks the column will be on a two month sabbatical!

ITEM! Fantasy author Samit Basu is scripting the first Terry Gilliam comic book series for Virgin. No news on what it is, but it was apparently "too radical" to be filmed. Basu is also scripting a Virgin Comic based on "Duran Duran" - not the character in "Barbarella," but the band. Yep. You know, Neil Gaiman once wrote the Duran Duran annual, maybe they can get him in to work on a backup.

ITEM! So, what are Skrulls wearing this season? From Leinel Yu's website, under the title "Secret Invasion."

ITEM! Marvel's Tom Brevoort publicly supports the demands of the Writers Guild of America from his Marvel blog. Yet Marvel have not yet agreed how or how much to pay creators for the internet publication of the work on the paid-for Marvel DCU and still don't pay royalties from foreign publications. Mote and beam, Tom, mote and beam.

ITEM! Did you order a bunch of "Authority" trade paperbacks? Maybe a copy of Garth Ennis' "303" and "Wormwood" thrown in for good measure? Still waiting? Well then, maybe you can report this guy to the cops.

ITEM! "Doctor Who" comics writer Tony Lee had a date last week with a Suicide Girl. He told me "I feel like the bastard child of Warren Ellis and Jamie McKelvie."

ITEM! MidTown Clerk and Girl With Fork In Head are no longer an item, sadly. Indeed, MidTown Clerk is no longer at MidTown. It's a sad day.

ITEM! Joel Meadows, best known as publisher and editor of Tripwire! Magazine, has been appointed content editor for Comics International. And he's already been on my case to deliver copy for my column!

ITEM! I will be making copies of old comics of mine, "Dirtbag," "X-Flies" and the like available on Wowio to US residents. Currently only "Civil Wardrobe" is available.

ITEM! After Nike and the US Army, Marvel continue to arrange new product placements in their stories. Look for "Lost" billboards in both "Cable/Deadpool" and "Thunderbolts."

ITEM! We're still pretty sure that Mark Bagley's DC project is the new post-Countdown weekly, starring Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, written by Kurt Busiek, with a back up strip by Fabian Nicieza and rotating artists. But no details on the title. "Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman Team-Up" is too long. "Justice League Weekly?" No. Ooh, how about "The Brave And The Bold And The Beautiful?"

ITEM! Thanks to our CBR roommates, Comics Should Be Good and Brian Cronin for reprinting this beauty. Full story here.

ITEM! Bloody hell, look at this monster. Issues 16-19, and 26-60. Can your bookshelves take it?

Well no. Turns out that the solicitation details are off, it doesn't have quite that many issues (no David Mack solo Echo arc for example)… shame, I was looking forward to crippling my postman.

ITEM! COMIC SPECULATION SPECIAL! Jesse Baker, the man who put the fan in fanaticism, reviews "Spider-Man: One More Day." Well, what with all the late, unexpected press coverage of "One More Day"/"Brand New Day," all those first prints of the high-print series are selling for large prices. So don't rip up your copy, sell them on eBay like me and buy more copies of "Spider-Girl" #16!

Or, the new "Acme Novelty Library." Which is even better!

ITEM! Dan Slott is at war with Newsarama! It started with a snark - "Wow. That's a pretty loaded way of putting it. I can see where you fall on some of these issues, Matt." and has just escalated since.

ITEM! Alan Moore is giving a talk and reading at Northampton Museum and Art Gallery on 26th January, 1-3pm. Tickets cost £8 including refreshments. Contact the museum on 01604 838111 or email on museums@northampton.gov.uk to book a place.

ITEM! Devil's Due is hiring for an assistant editor in its Los Angeles office. E-mail s.christy@devilsdue.net for details.

ITEM! This weekend in Facebook. Gary Erskine is staying in Heidelberg for another week! Dave Gibbons is rolling up his sleeves. Paul Cornell is plotting today. Kev Sutherland is assisting The Socks. Never before in Brian Wood's life has a script given him so much trouble. Lauren McCubbin is finding it SO HARD to find somewhere to get married in Las Vegas. At least, somewhere that is not a zillion $, or made out of cheese. John Nee is home… for a minit. Tony Lee has DAILY SHOW tickets when he's in NYC. Charles Brownstein doesn't want to be a tattooed millionaire. Neill Cameron has RSI from holding milk bottles.




Ashley Wood


ITEM! A close death in a family is a tragic thing. With such raw, personal emotion, people can find solace in what is comfortable to them. Such as message boards. I remember being surprised the first time I saw someone posting online about this kind of thing hours after it had happened in a peculiar context regarding a television show. It's probably not healthy, you need proper personal contact, but it's human, understandable and not the kind of thing you'd point out in an insensitive fashion to the person involved.

Unless you're John Byrne that is.

"No. Sorry, but no. I fully appreciate how much "trouble" I will get into for this, but no. I cannot let this pass without comment.

"Using the only hours past death of your own mother to make a point about a comicbook story?

"There are not sufficient words in the English language to properly express my disgust."

Read the full context and weep at the Byrne board as it begins to eat itself again.

ITEM! Tony Moore's new cover for "Fear Agent" TPB Vol 4...

ITEM! On last week's pleading for a second series of Doctor Who spinoff "The Sarah Jane Adventures," a connected source writes "It may not have been announced, but movement is definitely underway - they've had storylining conferences and it's got writers attached. That good enough for you?" Yes, yes it is. Probabably not for this fellow though...

ITEM! Oh all right, the first episode of Torchwood was quite fun. I didn't even mind the vast plot and character holes this time. "Bloody Torchwood," "Obi Wan Kenobi, I need your help," the kiss fight, the comment about standing on roofs and the date-request, even if it was written by The Anti-Christ Chibnall. He did nick one particular plot twist from Steve Moffat's "Press Gang," so that helped. You know, I might even watch "Law & Order: London" now. I have been Chibnallised.


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