So you want to work in comics, eh? Well, you're in luck. Here's a list of gigs that are currently available, with annotations where relevant. Don't say nobody's looking out for you.

Marvel Entertainment - NY, NY Openings.

DC Comics - Primarily in NY, NY

DC has their listing's on the Time Warner corporate site in an annoying Brass Ring application, so go to

http://www.timewarner.com/corp/careers/jobtools_us/ and search for DC Comics jobs to find the following listings:

  • Account Executive - Ad Sales

    [This is probably a priority. I'm flipping through this week's Jonah Hex and of 9 pages of Ads, the breakdown is:

    • DC Direct: 3 pages

      DC Super Hero comic: 3.5 pages

      DC Direct/ Comic co-promotion: 1 page

      Zuda: 1 Page

      Non-DC ad: .5 page

    • Summarizing, 8.5 pages of house ads, half a page for a single ad sale.
    • Send your resume in, now.]

    Dark Horse Comics - Milwaukee, OR

    Dark Horse has all their positions on a single page, so for more information go to: http://www.darkhorse.com/company/jobs.php

    • PHP/MySQL Web Developer (Not sure why you'd list Mac OSX desktop and server environment as a benefit and not a tech specification, but then HR departments seldom have a firm grasp on technical positions.)
    • In-house Sales Position
    • Marketing Coordinator

    Digital Manga, Inc. - Gardena, CA

    Digital Manga, Inc. is the parent company of Digital Manga Publishing and 801 Media.

    ComicSpace LLC - Portland, ME / NY, NY

    This is the merger of ComicSpace and WebComicsNation, does have some venture capital funding, and should be considered an early stage start-up, if such things matter to you.

    Senior Online Advertising Sales Executive

    A senior online advertising sales executive/consultant. The perfect candidate will be well-versed in the ins and outs of the various advertising networks; understands RSS and mobile and will be able to step into direct advertising sales and help innovate new sponsorship models that both leverage and add value to our highly engaged and growing network of comic creators and readers. This is a fundamental leadership role in our company, not just a simple sales position. It is an opportunity to work with a great team, and be part of an exciting, growing venture. Compensation is competitive.

    Senior Web Developer

    You must have a plethora of knowledge, experience, talent and (most importantly) imagination. Unix/Javascript/AJAX/CSS proficiency will make our eyes bulge out of our heads. If you're also an avid reader of comics, we'll probably start giggling with delight.

    Please contact us at comicspacellc@gmail.com to apply for these positions.

    Hasbro - Pawtucket, RI

    Associate Brand Manager - Marvel - Want to bridge the gap between comics and toys? This might be your ideal stop. Non-traditional, but you might be in a good position, here, for a DC Direct gig in the future or brand management if Marvel takes things in-house again.

    So there you go. A few print publishers, a couple online gigs, and an outside licensing-related position. Send out those resumes.

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