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[Green Light]I started reading "Cerebus" about half way through, after discovering it via the comic "More Tales From Sleaze Castle." Quickly catching up on the previous thirteen years, I stayed for the subsequent twelve, throughly enjoying this divergent, philiosophical, funny and beautiful romp through -- whatever it is Dave Sim wanted to romp through that month.

Invited to talk to Dave Sim, I initially began asking questions involving his new book "Glamourpuss," his history of controversial statements involving gender, sexuality, religion and... it wasn't getting anywhere really, and threads at Sequential Tart and the like were doing the heavy lifting there anyway.

So I decided to talk to Dave about... gossip. Is that okay?

Okay, okay, I'll reproduce them exactly!

What's the most scandalous story you've heard about yourself that wasn't true? And the most scandalous that was true?

Ever reported stories about industry figures that you later found to be not quite as accurate as you believed, or have had a detrimental effect that you regretted? Who and what?

Gossip and the spreading of rumours is traditionally seen as a female activity. Why might that be so and why does it seem to be popular in our male-orientated comics industry?

What's the best piece of comics related gossip you've ever heard?

How about in front of their back? I remember a little fuss regarding a piece in "Cerebus" featuring a married comics creator and their "Temporary Void" as you put it. Do you find gossip more acceptable if it's out in the open?

Any finally, any plans for Valentine's Day?

Dave has been running message board threads all over.

Many comic shops have received a preview copy of "Glamourpuss" and the first issue of this bi-monthly title about photorealistic comics, fashion magazines and superheroes will be available from Aardvark-Vanaheim in May.


[Green Light]Staring in the "Spider-Man Family" anthology series from June… "Mr. & Mrs Spider-Man."


[Green Light]Amused to see that the trinity weekly book I've been talking about for ages was actually called "Trinity" like I, um, accidentally wrote last week.

No! It was on purpose! I got the name before anyone and I'm sticking with my story. Maybe.

Oh and it looks like it's just Busiek, Bagley and Nicieza -- apologies for the credit creep there.


[Green Light]Over on the Newsarama boards, Marc Guggenheim, Kevin Huxford and Dan Slott have been going back and forth over screenwriter Marc Guggenheim's supportive advice to Marvel Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada about crossing a picket line to appear on The Colbert Report during the WGA strike..

Marc is a WGA member. Kevin is a union supporter. Dan Slott is, well, Dan Slott.

It all got rather heated. And then Kevin revealed that he had reported Marc Guggenheim to the WGA board for his actions, for not encouraging people to support the strike through boycott.

In the wake of criticism as a result, Kevin has chosen to close down his Newsarama profile and contributions to the Newsarama-linked Shotgun reviews.

Apparently posting online can have real-life consequences. Why didn't anyone tell me that?


[Yellow Light]Has IDW got the "G. I. Joe" license from Devil's Due? Or is it just Wikipedia vandalism?


[Green Light]More details on the Alan Moore/Mitch Jenkins "Unearthing" book from Top Shelf. Kevin Haskins, formerly of indie rock bands Bauhaus and Love & Rockets, is producing a soundtrack CD to accompany the book, as well as producing a score for the forthcoming website which will feature a full-length interview with Alan Moore by a Times journalist; filmed by Mitch.

The pictures at the current website will be removed next week, so the only places to see exclusives of the project will be at the new site or at the Unearthing Diaries which this week feature Phil Hall, the ugliest man in comics, posing for a montage of hideous Chaos Magicians...


[Green Light]Six of the Image founders are reuniting for a signing appearance at Atomic Comics in Mesa, Arizona on May 3rd.

Is this the same Atomic Comics that, back in "Spawn" #4, McFarlane announced he would not be signing at and would have nothing to do with ever again?

Yes, yes it would. Glad to see that lots of hatchets have been buried, lost or just plain forgotten.


[Green Light]Want to talk online with Brian K Vaughan? Now that "Y: The Last Man" is finished, he's taking himself offline. He initially hinted at it here, gave more here, an explanation, subtle confirmation telling us where to go and finally an "outing" of the secret mod...


[Green Light]The first issue of Wildstorm's "Secret History of the Authority: Jack Hawksmoor" was solicited in last month's Previews; the second in this month's. Both name Koi Turnbull as the interior artist.

The actual interior artist for all six issues will be Fiona Staples (cover artist for several issues of Devil's Due's "Sheena"). Even though she got the job well after the first issue was solicited, the plan is to release the issues on the previously established schedule.


[Green Light]Last week's Alan Moore

song by MJ Hibbert was a big success. So let's have another, his ode to majestic comics, entitled "Giant Robots And Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs"


[Green Light]Another use of "300" artwork when advertising very-right-wing political parties in Italy...

Couldn't Frank Miller be Governor Huckabee's running mate?


[Green Light]More antics from the Adams Family.

Josh Adam's girlfriend (going only by the name of Lucid Revolution) has an exclusive photoshoot of the new Batman Black & White: Neal Adams Statue Prototype, sculpted by Jason Spyda Adams.

It's like the Kennedys, it really is.


[Green Light]DC are putting Grant Morrison's "JLA" into a series of oversized hardcover formats that will not only reprint the trades, but also mop up any related stories along the way, The first issue has JLA 1-9 and the JLA Secret Origins Special. Here's the first.


[Green Light]It's a question I'm often asked. Well, here's an answer. He's one of the many contributors to "5 Color Heroes," as well as the likes of Kevin Eastman, Paul Chadwick, Gilbert Hernandez, Paul Pope, Steve Rude, Bill Sienkiewicz, Jeff Smith and more.

Find more here.


[Green Light]Brendan McCarthy has just had a new blog launched on his behalf, which gives me an excuse to run a couple of unseen bits to link to this column over.

Firstly, an unused "Doom Patrol" cover from the Grant Morrison days, when Brendan was going to draw an issue. On rediscovering the script, there's a possibility that it may see the light as a oneshot.

Designs for the "Thunderbirds" movie before it became a dumbed down version of "Spy Kids". Note, the exo skeleton of "The Hood."


[Yellow Light]A lot of interest in this week's new "X-Force"#1, expect some underordering here. Also, if you want a "Spider-Girl" #17 this week get in quick before the "One More Day" Spider-haters descend and buy multiple copies. Also, look for any early back issues of "Y: The Last Man" in the bins. The media interest has created a spike in demand online.

Yes, I am totally serious about continuing this feature.


[Green Light]When Wizard needs super-inspiration… anyone care to fill in the rest?


Tobias Buckell versus the Dabel Brothers.

Time Magazine talks Tripwire.

This is how you do it Marvel! Army comics based on the British "Commando" title used to drive recruitment.

33 Marvel Busts being sold to raise money to fund an independent film... as well as a few costumes from the "Aeon Flux" movie.

So which comics creator has appeared in porn movies? Ben Weldon of the Bendis Board knows.

Scott Dunbier bets more original art.

The Millar viral campaign for "Kick-Ass" gets out of hand.

Frank Miller gets older - proof!


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