[Green Light]Earlier this week, comic shop owners were informed by DC Comics that if they received any copies of "All Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder" #10 they were to destroy them, and a replacement print would replace it shortly. Heidi MacDonald at The Beat had the scoop.

ran with some mobile phone photos of the offending pages, but LITG is updating now because we have the first scans of the objectionable content that got DC in all of a tizzy. And yes, I can see why. Certain examples of obscene language in the book were, as has happened in the title before, blacked out, sometimes with little bits of the letters sticking out to give a clue as to what they may have been.

Except in the printing process, the lettering was of a richer black that the bars, rendering the blacking out pointless. Here are the images in question, blow them up to your satisfaction...

For those not willing to squint (and look away now for bad language) the offending balloons read:

Hey-- you little CUNT--

FUCK me that little CUNT stole my board!

FUCK you twice, DICKWAD, you let a FUCKing little piece of jailbait

ASS steal your wheels...

...little jailbait CUNT's making us look bad... we cut her come on...

...sweet piece in sweet slices... tasty sliced booty the little CUNT...

And these ASSHOLES make a devil's fortune of it

Text every friend you've got, SHITheads--

Sell your poison somewhere else. This arcade belongs to the

FUCKing Batgirl.

I don't know, in my day even murderous genocidal villains kept a clean mouth.

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