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Last week LITG gave you a mid-week update to show full scans of the very-sweary "All-Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder" #10, withdrawn from sale, pulped, but with thousands of copies still in circulation and ruining eBay.

This Monday, LITG informed you that both "Action Comics" #869 and "DCU Decisions" #1 had been withdrawn from sale and similarly pulped. There has been considerably less press about these, mostly because we weren't sure why they'd so offended DC. But the newly printed versions are now distributed worldwide.

Regarding "DCU: Decisions" no one knows as yet. The only amend on first glance seems to be the ubiquitous and physically annoying ads for the US Navy.

But as of now, the "Action Comics" #869 decision is clear. The comic was pulped because it showed Superman having a beer with his father. It now shows him sharing a soda.

A few points.

One, may people have pointed out that in the original it may well have meant to be a root beer.

Two, the cover was solicitated to shops and readers three months previously without any complaints.

Three, unlike "All Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder" #10, this comic was printed as intended.

Four, Superman is definitely above the legal age of drinking, even in the USA, and sharing a beer with your father is a time-honoured American practice, especially if you're leaning on a gate.

Five, what's the betting that when the printing problems in "All Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder" #10 were first noticed, someone decided to check all the DC Comics that week for any other potential pulping possibilities and that if "All Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder" #10 had been fine, no one would have actually noticed the super-chugging powers?

Six, isn't the new version rubbish?

Seven, why were these comics reprinted so much more quickly than "All Star Batman And Robin" #10? do we have the sequence of events wronghere?

Eight, how much will the "Drunk Superman" covers go for on eBay now?

Nine, how much attention will be brought to this cover, against DC's publicity-shy wishes, as a result of the pulping/withdrawing actions?

And finally, Ten, does this give new meaning to the phrase "super strength lager"?

Thanks to nickmaynard85 at the Bendis Board and It's Real Talk for help with this article.

UPDATE: DC's website has now changed the cover image of the book to the Neon Soda Pop version.

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