[Green Light]If you are following the current Avengers plotlines, then consider this a massive spoiler warning! Do not look at the Dynamic Forces listings in the current Previews.

Because while Marvel chose not to show the cover to "New Avengers" #48 setting out the new team, Dynamic Forces, who publish signed copies of a number of key books, did.

This is a censored copy of the small thumbnail published in “Previews.” Click on the image for the full New Avengers lineup. Note this is a scan of a very small image printed on news print, thus the low quality.

Also, watch out for the recently published Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe Volume 4, where the Nick Fury entry is a bit of a "Secret Invasion" giveaway. For those with spoilery stomachs, highlight the following white text. "Fury, the FF, the Avengers, and others ultimately drove away the Skrulls from earth, but not without heavy casualties among humans and Skrulls alike". Like you're actually surprised.

LITG is not in a habit of publishing spoilers to upcoming stories. But when the companies involved spoil the stories themselves, well, it's fair game.

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UPDATE: Though Bendis begs to differ.

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