26 Covers Featuring The Fantastic Four Having A Good Time

So, things aren't exactly going well for the "Fantastic Four" movie It's only the film's opening weekend and the quartet's latest big screen adaptation has already not fared well with critics... at all. "Four's" Rotten Tomatoes score is nowhere near fantastic and even director Josh Trank has tried to distance himself from it by implying that the film's critical failure is Fox's fault.

All of this is a shame because, if any superhero property should get a fun-filled feature film, it's the Fantastic Four. This is the team upon which the entire Marvel Universe is built. They're the first family of comics and, because of their strong personalities, have a team dynamic that is practically begging to come to life. A great Fantastic Four movie, one that takes into account the unique mix of drama and lightness that makes the comic so special, can be made -- although it looks like we might have to wait a little while longer. To lift spirits this weekend, here are 26 "Fantastic Four" covers that show the heroes having a good time.

1.They had a good time romping through dimensions in old-timey headgear.

2. They had a good time seeing the sights in Manhattan.

3. They had a good time at Reed and Sue's wedding, although cleaning up broken glass is never fun.

4. Ben Grimm had fun dressing up like Paul F. Tompkins.

5. Nothing says "good time" like a big ol' birthday cake.

6. Ben and Debbie were happy when they got engaged, at least -- and that's good enough, right?

7. The Fantastic Four had the best Thanksgiving ever.

8. Johnny Storm can have a good time anywhere, even in alien night clubs. Specifically in alien night clubs?

9. Hey, if the kids are having a good time, then everybody is having a good time.

10. Spider-Man and Human Torch had a good time annoying Thing.

11. Hard to be sad when you're cruising through Manhattan alongside Spider-Man.

12. But yes, sometimes Spider-Man knows how to step on a good time.

13. Okay, yes, sometimes the good times were a bit artificial.

14. They had a good time when they indulged in early '90s excess.

15. They had a good time taking the Fantasticar out for a test drive.

16. And they had a good time doing pretty much the same thing, but over fifty years later.

17. No, seriously -- this team loves flying cars.

18. The Four makes the most out of family portraits.

19. The Human Torch enjoyed challenging Donald Trump's title of "World's Orangest Rich Guy."

20. The Fantastic Four had a good time when all their friends showed up to cheer them on.

21. Seriously, they never got tired of encouragement.

22. The FF had a good time when they were promised Doctor Doom wouldn't show up.

23. The team knew they were about to have a good time when She-Hulk showed up.

24. They had a good time when the villains were easily defeated.

25. They had a good time playing poker.

26. Mostly they had a good time anytime they were in it, together.

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