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Nevertheless, do remember, Lying In The Gutters is for your entertainment. Neither Fair Nor Balanced. Please don't shoot the messenger.


[Green Light]In the wake of the wonderful return of "Top Ten" under the welcome hands of Zander Cannon and Gene Ha, I understand that long time Alan Moore collaborator Pete Hogan will be writing a new "Tom Strong" series with series regular Chris Sprouse on art. Expect publication next year from Wildstorm.


[Yellow Light]So... I understand that last week executives at the Cartoon Network met with DC Comics' custom publishing division to fast track adaptations of a number of ongoing webcomic serials currently on Zuda.

I'm told the first to get the treatment is "Night Owls" by Robert and Peter Timony.

Expect a pilot filmed next year, with a possible animated series for 2010. "Bayou," "High Moon," "Black Cherry Bombshells" and "Supertron" are also all being lined up within the next 18 months.

I'm led to believe a number of creator owned Vertigo and Wildstorm comics are to debut with Zuda first.

This urgent approach to media development comes in direct response to the failure of the Minx line, once seen as the Great Hope. Turns out, as Obama prophesized, there's a lot more hope going around.

Robert Timony would not be drawn further however, telling me only "I can neither confirm nor deny this rumor."

He's no fun.


[Green Light]Showrunner Drew Pearce takes you behind the scenes of his superhero sitcom “No Heroics”. All the injokes, all the details, all the portraits. Welcome to... The No Heroics Tour.


[Yellow Light]My last couple of Doctor Who leaks were fairly solid — Neil Gaiman to write 2010 “Doctor Who” and Tom Baker returning to the series proper in an unnamed role. Both have been bubbling under ever since. The next one is not so tied down. It’s still rather up in the air. But it’s quite a possibility.

The sixth series of “Doctor Who” (2011) will star Paterson Joseph as The Doctor.

Previously playing Roderick in the “Doctor Who” episodes “Bad Wolf”/”Parting Of Ways,” Joseph is known for fine upstanding and terribly-well-spoken-dontcha-know roles as Johnson in “Peep Show,” the Marquis De Carabas in “Neverwhere,” Space Marshall Clarke in “Hyperdrive,” Lyndon in “Green Wing”…

…and more importantly Benjamin in “Jekyll.” Written and produced by upcoming “Doctor” Who showrunner, Steven Moffat.

If true, it’s a great call on Moffat’s part. A damn fine call. Paterson has a very British Authority approach to many of his characters, comparable with Jon Pertwee. It’s not a traditional choice, but then neither was Christopher Eccleston. And, like I say, it’s bloody brilliant.

This rumour is obviously an amber light story for now, but it could well change colour in the months to come.

And, as it appears, so could the Doctor.


[Yellow Light]DC representatives have been talking with the license holders of “Captain Action,” currently at Moonstone Books, to steal it back to DC Comics after forty years.

The original series was written by Jim Shooter and Gil Kane and illustrated by Wally Wood. The Moonstone series is written by Fabian Niceiza.


[Green Light]I understand that Josh Adams, Neal Adams' son, will be working on an upcoming Batman book for DC Comics.


[Green Light]The press release telling all that Stephen King's next comic book adaptations won't be through Marvel Comics but with Random House/Del Rey has gone out. And while we know that Stephen King and Peter Straub's "The Talisman" will be released as twenty-four monthly issues, we don't know who is on art.

I'm told that the art for the books will be produced by the Dabel Brothers.

No obvious jokes guys, let's wait and see, eh?


[Green Light]The “New Yorker” used to accept jokes from readers and dole them out to their staff cartoonists to draw up. Cartoonist Charles Addams would always be the choice for the darker jokes, naturally considering his spell with “The Addams Family.”

It transpires however that many of these jokes, non-attributed, were from “Bash Street Kids” creator and children’s cartoonist Leo Baxendale, trying his hand at something a little scarier...


[Green Light]DJ Coffman talks about creators owed money by Platinum and Wowio, about lawyers that are involved on behalf of creators to fight for owed income, and then quotes from an e-mail from a fellow creator alleging institutional bad practice.

DJ then goes into details over recent Platinum activity, exposing a variety of manipulative practices that do bring the whole "Cowboys & Aliens" graphic novel situation to light. Fun reading...


[Green Light]Ivan Brandon: wow, now i know what it feels like for rich johnston to shit on my plate. this is all i needed today.

Brian Bendis: hey, at least he isn't cronically masterbating to the image of you, like me does millar. :)

Warren Ellis: What I have learned from Twitter tonight. Brian Bendis has no trouble telling people he jerks off over Mark Millar. Comics fuck you up.

Matt Fraction: Now Mark Millar's beating off.


[Green Light]So Archaia Studios Press isn't being bought by Devil's Due, but by its parent company Kunoichi Inc?

The same company owned by Devil's Due CEO PJ Bickett?

Splitting hairs I think.

There’s a good aggregation of reporting in this issue here.


[Green Light]Publisher Wesley Craig Green of Ambrosia Publishing has written to all Ambrosia creators to tell them that he is cancelling all their contracts, as he is winding up the company due to personal issues.

All rights are returned and the creators are free to take their books elsewhere.

Abrosia published comics such as "Clockwork Creature" and "Smuggling Spirits."


[Green Light]IDW's "Locke & Key" was one of my favourite new comics this year. Glad to see they're finding classic inspiration.


[Green Light]Paris Jackson, dressed as Madman.

That Sarah Palin untouched covershot...


[Green Light]I understand that Antarctic Press are putting out a "Sarah Palin Swimsuit Comic." No news if it will involve a Troopergate splash page for the ladies.


[Green Light]"Velocity," one of the winners of Top Cow's Pilot Season 2007 is finally getting a series in 2009 by Joe Casey and ChrisCross.

Here's a look at a few variant covers to the first issue by Kenneth Rocafort, from Top Cow's "Madam Mirage" series (and currently working on a new Marvel project).


[Green Light]To my delight I received a copy of "Watching The Watchmen" by Dave Gibbons and Titan Books this week. It's a monster of a thing, opening up Gibbons' sizeable archive of sketches and thumbnails for the book, alongside little seen artwork and should sit happily next to my “Absolute Watchmen,” and it gives a far greater insight into the book's creative process. The book is officially out in two weeks and Dave Gibbons will be signing copies at OK Comics in Leeds on Friday 24th October, from 1pm.

Another one for the Christmas list.

As is Paul Kupperberg’s guide to the emetic martial art, “Jew-Jitsu.”

Also did you know it’s the thirtieth anniversary of Luther Arkwight’s first publication in “Near Myths?” The new Dark Horse edition featured the newly remastered pages created for the Czech edition.

For those who liked or hated "War Heroes," comes "The Major" as the USA invades Brazil to rescue a bank manager from a drug lord. If you were indifferent to "War Heroes," don't worry about it.

Let's Be Friends Again shall we?


[Green Light]Brian Bendis must be so proud. He's elevated Spider-Woman to the level where she can star in her own cheap rip-off tickle porn flicks.

Feel free to google for "Spider-chick vs Mr. Mesmer" at your peril.


[Green Light]Josh Hechinger and Lea Hernandez have a new graphic novel on the boil, "The Moon Is Mine," the first of several OGN's featuring the Moon Rabbit Awesome Mochi Team (they make treats on the moon) with rival pastry makers Moon Rabbit and Elixir of Life battling for control of the moon's cheese.

I swear I did not make this up. More here...


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