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[Yellow Light]I understand that Carlos Pacheco has signed a two year exclusive deal with Marvel Comics, starting today.

Pacheco's exclusive with DC Comics, working on titles such as "Superman" and "Final Crisis," recently ran out and he told people at a Spanish convention this weekend that this was down to problems with the publication of "Arrowsmith."

He's also told people that he'll be working on "Ultimate Avengers" with Mark Millar, his work digitally inked and coloured by Angel Unzueta.

Last week, Leinel Yu also stated he'd probably be drawing an arc.

Quite the artistic lineup there...


[Green Light]Peter David talked about the upcoming cancellation of "She-Hulk" and revealed an apparent editorial breakdown at Marvel...

He wrote, "I didn't even know she WAS going to be in Hulk. Had I known, I probably would have done things differently. As it was, there were thousands of readers who were not saying, "Gee, they're portraying her wrong in "Hulk." Instead they were saying, "Why should we care about her hero's journey in her own title when she's obviously gotten over her hostility toward Stark over in Hulk?"

That does seem a slight problem, yes...

The She-Hulk Volume 7 TPB has been solicited as "Here Today..." Peter David blog poster Eddie Cunningham suggests that the final volume, Volume 8 will be titled "...Gone Tomorrow." Sounds like a good call to me.


[Green Light]So who else is getting a payout from the Watchmen Movie? Keen eyes watching the current trailer have seen a Smiley Logo: TM The Smiley Company credit attached, that wasn't on the first trailer. Clearly some lawyers also saw the first one and got a massive payout. Don't expect much Smiley Watchmen merchandise as a result.


[Green Light]Josh Adams is Neal Adams son and is an aspiring comic book artist.

This was probably however not the best time to send an e-mail round to publishers proclaiming the fact - when he sounded like a weird amalgamation of Josh Hoopes and Art Adams...

A number of publishers forwarded on what they believed to be a clearly fake appeal - but it's not fake, he's real. Promise!

Another company who did fall foul of the Fake Art Adams Scam was Asylum Press for thousands of dollars. And they're not taking it lying down.


[Green Light]IDW have troubles reprinting the old Marvel transformers series when it came to guest stars such as Spider-Man or original creations such as Circuit Breaker and Death's Head.

So will there be a similar situation for upcoming "GI Joe" reprints? The series referenced Marvel characters as works of fiction. Indeed, in one issue they parachuted into an Incredible Hulk promotional event, complete with one fellow dressed up like the Hulk. And later on, J. Jonah Jameson show up for a cameo appearance,

But it seems that IDW have been one step ahead and have managed to get the appearances cleared! You go IDW!


[Green Light]So last week, I went to the Dublin Comic Convention.

"Did you really, Richard? We'd never have guessed what with you going on and on and on and on and on about it last week."

That's true, but what I didn't mention was the comic books I picked up.

"Oh bloody hell, he's going to review a bunch of half arsed black and white indy bogtrotter filth comics."

Yes, yes I am. And you can shut up.

First is "Last Bus" issue 1 by Patrick Lynch. A slice of life comic about a bus driver getting increasingly irritated by his passengers. Very absorbing, very natural, a strong character study. If you like Eddie's Campbell's "Alec", you should like this. Link here.

Then we have "Matter Presents" issue 7 by Philip Barrett which feels like its been ripped straight from Fantagraphics/Drawn And Quarterly back catalogue. Dan Clowes with a hint of Rick Veitch here, as an artist's obsession destroys his body of work, and then himself. Great use of repeated images, a very confident and assured art style, unpredictable storytelling, this is possibly my favourite book of the con. Link here.

It's main challenger is "Tim Skinner" issue 1, by Andy Winter and Declan Shavey, a very self referenetial and up-its-own-arse comic that I was destined to love. "Civil Wardrobe" meets "1985," a man with the power to enter his own comic book collection and change plots, comes a cropper when the comic book characters start fighting back. Parodies of the JLA, Judge Dredd, even The Boys gets a good shoeing over with hilarious consequences, and an artist who will probably get snapped up by Marvel before issue 2 ever comes out. Link here.

"11 Commandments" is a supernatural horror series with a very confident first foot, by Gareth Cummins, Paul Duffy and Bruno Letiza. High production values, and very energetic storytelling help mask a little of the Hellblazer-lite story. Link here.

"Gazebo" by Liam Geraghty and Philip Barrett is an engaging collection of Adrian Tomine/Jeff Nicholson/Hernandez-ish short stories. Mosty entertaining navelgazing with a confident bruish. Link here.

"Found" by Deirdre De Barra is a wordless allegorical story of lost souls finding each other. And some fine uses of comic panels to suggest restraint and cages. Link here.

"Sancho" #5 by Alan Nolan, Ian Whelan and friends. Our favourite Mexican paranormal investigator takes on a whole host of new cases. Fun, fantastic, twisting and jam packed. Good comics. Link here.

"Ness" by Patrick Brown. A wonderful period graphic novel about warring kingdoms in Ireland and a King's daughter who must weave between fealty of society in her quest. Primitive but gripping. Link here.


[Yellow Light]Is McG really "in talks" for Wonder Woman. So one Gutterti asked him straight out, to get the reply, "I don't know, they don't even have a script yet."

Well, that at least confirms that they have "talked."


[Green Light]Part One.

Part Two.


[Green Light]Bloody hell Cyclops goes through a lot of desks... and he never seems that bothered.


[Yellow Light]So did you pick up loads of "Batman" #681? To eBay with you sir!

"Secret Invasion: Dark Reign" and "Dark Reign: New Nation." Should be worth a gamble... expect high orders but possibly not-high-enough orders. If your shop is looking low on the first day, help them out and fill your boots! Stay well away from "Secret Invasion: Requiem" however. It looks like it's been ordered plenty.

The last issue of "Thunderbolts" might be worth a punt as well - "Dark Reign" kicks off there.


[Green Light]David Lloyd is signing comics at Orbital Comics in London this Saturday. Bring your "Kickback," bring your "V For Vendetta" and find out what David is working on next.

There's been a lot of fuss about upcoming Ape Entertainment comic book "Super Human Resources," about the H department of a very large duper hero team. Kind of "Top Ten" meets "No Heroics" meets Dan Slott's "She Hulk." This is a good thing. Look for a story about it on CBR tomorrow.

Ken Marcus, comics writer and fellow copywriter e-mailed me the first three issues. Which I have immediately uploaded to PirateBay thoroughly enjoyed and recommend highly. "No Heroics" meets "The Office."

Brendon Connelly relaunches Film Ick as a social community.


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