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Nevertheless, do remember, Lying In The Gutters is for your entertainment. Neither Fair Nor Balanced. Please don't shoot the messenger.


[Green Light]For the past six and a half years I have been a very happy advertising copywriter at a radio advertising agency in Soho, London. Worked with wonderful people, created award-winning work, made a lot of money for a lot of people, and enough for myself to get a mortgage on a house and bring up a young family.

I, along with other copywriters here, have been handed notice. Business has fallen of late and the company has had to take drastic steps. And economically it's a bit bleak right now.

So I am using this opportunity to ask anyone and everyone who reads and enjoys Lying In The Gutters, if you work in a London or London-ish ad agency, if you know people who do, or if there's anything you think you might be able to do to help, please call or e-mail. Even if it's just for a chat.

My good wife Janice has very strong office managerial skills, and will in all likelihood be re-entering the job market. Such as it is. I'm on richjohnston@gmail.com and on 07801350982. Anytime.

I did actually get a job offer this week, by e-mail. Sadly it was for a Multi-Media Co-ordinator at US Trotting in Ohio. They sent it to the wrong Rich Johnston.


[Green Light]There have been a number of reports of unemployment in and around the comics industry. One place you may be safe, for now, is Marvel Comics. Who, it seems, have told their employees that their jobs with the company are secure for at least the rest of the year.

And Karrie Fransman of The Guardian's "My Peculiar World" cartoon strip has been dropped.

It's a shit business.


[Green Light]One little wrinkle of information to come my way about the upcoming weekly series from DC, "Wednesday Comics," is that the comic will be printed at four-times-normal size. Possibly in an attempt to mirror the old US newspaper strips like "The Spirit" of old. Which may explain the many-multiple-panels-per-page that we've seen on Kyle Baker's advance art so far.

Nice one DC. Really solid idea.


[Green Light]I had the good fortune to watch an episode from the third series of "Primeval" this week. Some interesting changes to the format. Although a trailer for the series as a whole features Nick Cutter, by this episode he along with, Stephen Hart, Jennifer Lewis and Helen Cutter appear to be gone. Sarah Page is a new character, as is Danny Quinn, played by Jason Flemyng, familiar from "From Hell," "Lock Stock" and "LXG."

And it's the portrayal of Danny Quinn which is the most exciting. As an ex-cop chasing prehistoric creatures, but rather than rifles or bombs, he uses... whatever he finds to hand around him.

It's MacGyver Vs Dinosaurs everyone. Face it, if that had been the title of a TV show when you were ten, could you have torn yourself away?

[Green Light]


Jock, of "2000AD," "The Losers" and "Batman" has just signed on to design costumes for the ABC pilot of "No Heroics."


[Green Light]Brendan Connelly of SlashFilm did a very nice Lying In The Gutters Goes To The Watchmen Premiere edit. I saw the film on Wednesday. In between the two I was made redundant. And... well...

The likes of Jonathan Ross and Mark Millar had lowered my expectations. I was expecting something laborious, dull in places and a bit too worthy. And I was feeling rather down. I don't think I actually wanted to be there. But I got an intriguing, absorbing, multi-layered, political drama with a forgivable touch of cosplay. Something as enjoyable as "The Wire" or "State Of Play," but, you know, with bones sticking through arms. A couple of melodramatic lines and a Spitting Image Nixon aside, I thought it was consistently wonderful throughout. It's not the comic, but it does a remarkable impression of certain aspects. It's a film to fall in love with. I was transported.

Although I did spend some time wondering how certain characters managed to pay their mortgages.


[Green Light]So what does Alan Moore think of the upcoming adaptation of his early work that everyone's talking about?

"Felipe Massafera and Antony Johnston's adaptation of Light of Thy Countenance is probably more gripping than the original story. I'm immensely pleased."

That's the graphic novel "Light Of Thy Countenance", shipping from next week from Avatar, obviously.

Avatar also seem to be prepping a new "Anna Mercury" series by Warren Ellis and Facundo Percio for the summer. This cover by Paul Duffied.

There you go then.


[Green Light]"Watchmensch." Out next week. Hrm. Must... unleash... media avalanche.


[Green Light]Some are asking where in the world is Marvel's "Models Inc." comic by Paul Tobin and Vicenc Villagrassa? The first issue should have been out now, but the solicitations have disappeared from the Marvel website.

Well, I'm told "Models Inc" has a big guest star to announce in the next few weeks and is being rejigged to integrate into the Marvel U continuity and to fit in with the fall fashion week... so look for a timely resolicitation later this year.


[Green Light]Shouldn't a slow saxophone be playing? Or some bad synthesiser?


[Green Light]Do I really need to write anything more on Scans_Daily now?

Maybe just... it's baaaaaack...


[Green Light]Sean Gordon Murphy writes an account of his dealings with Rob Liefeld that is mean, unfair, insulting, hateful and downright nasty. Not the normal kind of thing I'd link to. However, he does recount one story from a woman who knew Rob Liefeld as she babysat him as a boy, that Liefeld once ran over himself with his own car.

It's worth wading through all the bile just for that bit.


[Green Light]Recently, LITG reported a number of creators complaining about long-delayed payments, in the thousands, from Zenescope. I'm happy to confirm a number of creators have reported sizable cheques arriving in the post this week covering all owed amounts.


[Green Light]Charles Soule has created five live action short films to promote his upcoming graphic novel "Strongman" from Slave Labor. You can find them all here.

They all feature the main character, Tigre, a washed-up ex-masked Mexican wrestler. And it has high profile fans too, Brad Meltzer says "The easiest thing to say about STRONGMAN is it has heart. But it does. It really does. First you start reading, then you start rooting, and then...you'll see."

The book is out this week.


[Green Light]Freaky resemblance...


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