$250,000 worth of comics stolen from Georgia store

A burglar used a crowbar to break into a Macon, Georgia, comics store early Thursday and stole a reported $250,000 worth of vintage comic books.

Owner Will Peavy told WMAZ TV that the thief made off with the store's cash register and safe, containing $2,500 in cash, but the real money was in the comics, which included the first eight issues of DC Comics' 1963 Justice League of America series, and the first 20 issues of Marvel's The X-Men.

Despite damage from the break-in, the store opened for business on Thursday.

Peavy and store manager Kenneth Messer remain confident the thief will be caught, simply because of the items stolen. "They're pretty stupid," Peavy said. "It's like stealing a car. If they try to sell them, they're going to get caught."

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