25 Is The New 40 In <i>I'm.mortal</i>

Gattaca and The Truman Show creator Andrew Nichol is at it again, with new future dystopia project I'm.mortal - but if you take away the weird punctuation, is this a reverse Logan's Run?

Variety reports that Amanda Seyfried has already locked a role in Nichol's new movie, which takes place in a future world where science can "lock" the aging process at 25, playing a woman kidnapped by a man who can't afford the process who's accused of killing a man to steal his immortality. The male lead has yet to be cast, typifying a casting process that Nichol describes as unusual:

It's a strange casting process. Even for a small role like a priest or a pawnbroker, where you would normally cast a 75-year-old character actor, I have to find a 75-year-old character actor in a 25-year old body.

Now I really feel old.

I'm.mortal is expected to start filming before the end of the year.

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