25 Greatest Punisher Covers of All-Time

I've done a few polls for the greatest covers for major characters like Batman and Spider-Man, but for the slightly lesser characters (which is pretty much every other character there is), but in this feature, I will just occasionally do one by myself. When I say "greatest," I don't just mean the best drawn covers. I mean covers that ARE particularly well drawn but also have gained historical significance. This is different than "iconic," as covers can be iconic while not being all that good. The original Daredevil #1 cover is not a great cover (it was a quickly thrown together cover using cropped artwork from various artists), but that cover is iconic BECAUSE it the first Daredevil comic cover. Therefore, in this countdown, I'm balancing really cool covers against historical significance. The covers have to excel at both to be on this countdown.

Anyhow, that was way too long of a preamble. On to the countdown!

EDIT TO ADD: Well darn, I switched the days up on the Punisher/Daredevil covers countdowns. Oh well, my bad! Fixed now.

25. Punisher/Batman

John Romita Jr. and Klaus Janson got together for a historic cover. I love the Joker popping up in the background.

24. Punisher War Zone #23

23. Punisher #86

22. Punisher War Journal #61

Suicide Run as a whole was a bit of a forgettable crossover, but the Michael Golden covers, especially the ones covering the opening arc, were phenomenal - a "cover enhancement" all on their own. So I had to put them all on the list.

21. Punisher Vol.2 #1

This Klaus Janson cover is hurt a bit by the fact that it's basically just a riff on a higher-ranked cover.

20. Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe

This painted Nick Percival cover marks the first Garth Ennis Punisher story.

19. Punisher Meets Archie

Great John Buscema cover to mark one of the craziest crossovers ever.

18. Punisher MAX #6

Dave Johnson did phenomenal covers for this series. Really standout work.

17. Punisher War Journal #6

Jim Lee's art made a fairly forgettable two-parter one of the most famous Punisher stories of this era.

16. Punisher MAX #1

What a way to launch a series by Dave Johnson!

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