25 Greatest Deadpool Stories: #25-21

In honor of the twenty-fifth anniversary of Deadpool this month, we're doing a countdown of your favorite Deadpool stories of all-time.

You all voted, now here are the results of what you chose as the 25 Greatest Deadpool Stories!


25. "Beginning of the End" New Mutants #98

This is the comic that made Deadpool the sensational character find of 1990, as fans were so intrigued by Deadpool in this debut issue that when X-Force launched just three issues after this comic, Deadpool was one of the trading cards that you could get in the polybagged issue #1. In addition, X-Office Editor Bob Harras knew Deadpool was such a hit that he insisted that a quick Deadpool bit was added to X-Force #1 to make sure he appeared in the book (he then had a prominent appearance in the second issue of the series).

Rob Liefeld designed Deadpool and plotted and drew the issue, alongside scripter Fabian Nicieza, who gave Deadpool that charming personality that he is so well known for nowadays...

You can really see how Liefeld intended for Deadpool to be sort of an "evil Spider-Man," which is how he envisioned the character, as established in this old Comic Book Legends Revealed.

24. "Suicide Kings" Deadpool: Suicide Kings #1-5

Mike Benson, Adam Glass, Carlo Barberi and Sandu Florea combined for this entertaining mini-series where Deadpool is framed for an explosion that killed many innocent people. It turns out that Deadpool is the pawn in a game between a young mobster and the evil Tombstone. Meanwhile, though, the Punisher decides to take out Deadpool because of the whole "seemingly mass murdered a bunch of innocent people" thing and Daredevil enters the fray to save Deadpool...

The series was action-packed and a lot of fun.

23. "Win, Lose or Draw Blood" Deadpool (Vol. 1) #16

This compelling one-off issue by Joe Kelly, Walter McDaniel and Anibal Rodriguez shows Deadpool on a mission while talking to an unknown other person. This allowed Deadpool to get out a lot of exposition and debate the changing ways of his life at the time (as he has moved away from being a contract killer and is now more of a hero for hire). The interaction between Deadpool and the other person was so effective that it seems clear that this was the driving force behind Deadpool's frequent future breaking of the wall, as this was BASICALLY Deadpool speaking to the audience. In the end, though, the reveal of who he is talking to is awesome...

There's then a great scene where Bullseye basically tells Deadpool that he is a joke and that his newfound sense of heroism is bound to fail. Kelly was great at that - build you up with some fun stuff and the knock you down with some dark stuff.

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