25 Greatest Deadpool Stories: #20-11

In honor of the twenty-fifth anniversary of Deadpool this month, we're doing a countdown of your favorite Deadpool stories of all-time.

You all voted, now here are the results of what you chose as the 25 Greatest Deadpool Stories!


20. "Bosom Buddies" Cable and Deadpool #20-23

Perhaps more so than any other arc of Cable and Deadpool, Bosom Buddies accurately captured the sort of complex and thoughtful while goofy and action-packed approach that Fabian Nicieza brought to Cable and Deadpool. This arc, drawn by Patrick Zircher and David Ross, was basically a caper plot, as someone hires Deadpool to steal some powerful device, but there are other mercenaries who are also trying to steal it and heroes trying to keep it from being stolen and Cable is in there, playing all sides against the middle. It's just a wonderfully well-thought and hilarious story arc. I also love how the first issue of the story opens up, including the recap page...

19. "Head Trip" Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth #1-13

I figure it's fair enough to count this series as one big story. Anyhow, it all started when Deadpool was sent to the Savage Land to recover a bio-weapon. He met his contact, AIM scientist Dr. Betty, in the Savage Land. The bioweapon turns out to be a zombiefied Deadpool head from another dimension. Hydra agents show up, also looking for the bioweapon and all heck breaks loose...

Victor Gischler and Bong Dazo delivered thirteen issues of bizarre, madcap adventures involving a man and his zombified head.

18. "Payback" Deadpool #18-19

Joe Kelly, Walter McDaniel and Livesay delivered this action-packed resolution of a long-running subplot, where an old nemesis of Deadpool has become the killer known as Ajax and had been hunting Deadpool for a number of issues. In the 1998 Deadpool Annual, he succeeds in killing Deadpool, but then Deadpool came back from the dead and he wants, well, you know. The thing is, once Ajax figured out he was alive, Ajax went right back to hunting him and this time, Deadpool might be getting innocents involved in his mess...

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