25 Greatest Daredevil Covers of All-Time

This is the start of a new feature. I've done a few polls for the greatest covers for major characters like Batman and Spider-Man, but for the slightly lesser characters (which is pretty much every other character there is), I will just occasionally do one by myself. When I say "greatest," I don't just mean the best drawn covers. I mean covers that ARE particularly well drawn but also have gained historical significance. This is different than "iconic," as covers can be iconic while not being all that good. The original Daredevil #1 cover is not a great cover (it was a quickly thrown together cover using cropped artwork from various artists), but that cover is iconic BECAUSE it the first Daredevil comic cover. Therefore, in this countdown, I'm balancing really cool covers against historical significance. The covers have to excel at both to be on this countdown.

Anyhow, that was way too long of a preamble. On to the countdown!

25. Daredevil #500

Marko Djurdjevic exploded on to the scene with this Daredevil covers, taking everyone by storm with not just his photo-realistic painted work, but by how dynamic his painted covers were. Soon, Marvel had him drawing ALL sorts of posters. His stint on Daredvil wasn't all that long, all things considered, but I still think it was long enough and distinct enough to merit having one of his covers on the list, and I went with his triple-gatefold cover for Daredevil #500 (he also did a hell of a cover for Daredevil #100, which, oddly enough, came out only a dozen or so issues before they returned to their original numbering with #500).

24. Daredevil #181

This Frank Miller/Klaus Janson is more famous than it is awesome, but it is still a very strong cover (and it is SO famous that I figured I should find a spot for it).

23. Daredevil Vol.2 #50

One of the most striking aspects of Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev's run was how Daredevil basically named himself the new Kingpin of Hell's Kitchen during a period where he was suffering from a nervous breakdown. Alex Maleev beautifully captured just how shocking such a role was for Matt.

22. Daredevil #168

While the historic nature of the cover got it on to the list, it is still a stunning cover by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson for the cover of Miller's first issue as the writer on Daredevil (which also happened to include the debut of a certain red-garbed ninja).

"We don't need to spell her name correctly on the cover. It's not like we'll ever see her again!"

21. Daredevil Vol. #16

This JohN Romita/Frank Giacoia is the first time Romita drew Spider-Man. This was a notable cover in the early days of Daredevil fandom. It was reprinted on the cover of a Daredevil Annual.

20. Daredevil Vol.3 #25

I had to pay tribute to Chris Samnee's epic run on Daredevil, so I figured it made the most sense to go with this beautifully designed cover introducing Ikari, a bad guy who was ALSO exposed to the same chemicals that gave Daredevil his Radar Sense.

19. Daredevil Vol.1 #8

I had to get a Wallace Wood cover on to the list, and this introduction of Stilt-Man was very clever by the great Wood.

18. Daredevil #319

This Scott McDaniel cover to kick off "Fall from Grace" was a big deal at the time, with the issue receiving a second printing. Taking negative space to a whole other level!

17. Daredevil #220

This stunning Mazzucchelli cover was later used as the cover of an early collection of Daredevil stories from this era.

16. Daredevil #175

Miller and Janson sure had some dynamic covers.

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