"24" President Elected in "America Jr."

Official Press Release

He's not a real politician, but then again, it's not a real country! Veteran actor Gregory Itzin, who portrayed President Logan on the hit FOX television series "24" has written the Introduction to America Jr., the first paperback collection of the popular online comic strip.

America Jr. follows a tiny town that discovers it is no longer a part of the United States, and chronicles the citizens' hilarious misadventures while attempting to emulate the U.S. government.

"We're thrilled to have Gregory involved!" beams co-creator Todd Livingston. "He's the ideal choice to write the book's introduction… other than, you know, the actual President. Plus, not only was he on '24', but 'Firefly' and three different Star Trek series, so working with him totally satisfies my inner-geek."

No strangers to sci-fi, Livingston and co-creator Nick Capetanakis were the creative force behind the indie supernatural comedy film 'So, You've Downloaded A Demon' which features Xenia Seeberg of 'Lexx'. Livingston also co-authored the award-winning Image Comics graphic novels THE BLACK FOREST, THE BLACK FOREST 2, THE WICKED WEST, THE WICKED WEST 2, and THE LIVING AND THE DEAD.

"As a huge fan of '24', I'm beyond excited to have Gregory Itzin on board," Capetanakis continues. "Our pretend country - their pretend President - it's like a match made in heaven, but available at a store near you."

America Jr. collects the first 150 strips of the daily satirical comic, which is brilliantly illustrated by Brendon and Brian Fraim (ANTIQUES – THE COMIC STRIP, KNIGHTS OF THE DINNER TABLE ) and includes pin-ups by special guest artists and exclusive strips not presented online.

America Jr. is published by Image Comics with a release date of July 18, 2007 and is currently available for pre-order at your favorite retailer.

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