'24: Live Another Day' Casts Judy Davis

The clock is ticking on Jack Bauer's return to the small-screen grind, as 24: Live Another Day is slated to premiere in the spring. Plenty of familiar faces are back with Jack, but there's a growing contingent of newcomers as well — such as Emmy-winning actress Judy Davis.

TV Line reports Davis has been hired to play Bauer's "likely new nemesis," a British national and the widow of a notorious terrorist. It was previously reported that Davis' character was "a fierce German arms dealer named Marge," but a representative for the show claims "the role has evolved since it was conceived, hence the change in the character description."

Davis is the second new cast member aboard Live Another Day, following the addition of The Crow actor Michael Wincott as a hacker and a leader of the free-information movement, a la Julian Assange. Returning 24 players include Kiefer Sutherland as Bauer, Mary Lynn Rajskub as Chloe O'Brian, William Devane as Secretary of Defense James Heller, and Kim Raver as Audrey Raines, Heller's daughter and Bauer's former lover.

There are also unconfirmed reports that Carlos Bernard, who played Tony Almeida on six of the show's eight seasons, will return for Live Another Day. One week ago, 24 writer David Fury tweeted that he was at dinner with Bernard, along with other 24 stalwarts such as Howard Gordon and composer Sean Callery. Fury invited fans to "read into that what you will."

Almeida was last seen on 24's penultimate season, mysteriously alive after he'd supposedly died in Season 5. In his final season, Almeida was reintroduced as a terrorist, later revealed to be working as a double-agent, then later revealed as a triple-agent working toward settling a personal vendetta. He was last seen in handcuffs, but given Bauer's own fugitive status at the end of the series, it's not hard to imagine how Jack and Tony might join forces again.

For now, Almeida's involvement in Live Another Day is nothing more than a rumor.

Live Another Day is the first new iteration of the real-time thriller since the "series finale" in 2010. As such, some changes to the show's format have been made. For example, Live Another Day will take place over the course of one day, but it will only last for 12 episodes — meaning that the series will skip over certain hours in the day from time to time.

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