'24: Live Another Day' Adds Yvonne Strahovski

24: Live Another Day, Fox's upcoming limited series event, takes Jack Bauer to London — and puts him right on Agent Sarah Walker's path.

Okay, so it's not quite Agent Sarah Walker, but it's close: Chuck veteran Yvonne Strahovski has landed a starring role on Live Another Day, playing a CIA agent named Kate Morgan. It's yet another high-profile television role for Strahovski, who served a key role on the final seasons of Dexter.

In addition to news of Strahovski's casting, Fox has unveiled plenty of other information about the 24 revival, including a premiere date (May 5) and some plot information. When 24 wrapped in 2010, the series ended with Jack Bauer as a fugitive from justice. That remains the case, according to producer Manny Coto.

"Jack is not quite Osama Bin Laden, but he is someone to be captured," he said. "And when Jack reenters the story on his own terms, we will learn he has a mission. But this CIA agent is determined to catch him, and as she gets closer and closer to him, Choe O'Brien reenters the picture."

Indeed, Chloe's role in Live Another Day is as "a more 'radical' type of Edward Snowden character," according to producers. Does that mean she's taken a turn for the worse, ala Tony Almeida in season seven? We'll find out in a few short months when 24 returns.

(via TV Line)

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