24: Legacy Prequel Comic Series Heads to IDW

After Fox's "24: Legacy" debuts in February, a new comic book series from IDW Publishing will pull back the curtain on the spinoff's new star. "24: Legacy - Rules of Engagement" will be a five-part limited series that precedes the "24: Legacy" television drama. Written by Christopher Farnsworth and drawn by Antonio Fuso, the comic will reveal protagonist Eric Carter's history in Iraq and Washington, D.C. before he became a wanted man for killing a Middle Eastern terrorist.

"I’ve been a fan of '24' since the first episode, and I’m grateful to IDW for giving me the chance to contribute in a small way to its mythology," Farnsworth told The Hollywood Reporter. "I also get to blow a lot of stuff up on the page, which is always pretty cool. I’m going to do my best to live up to the expectations of the show."

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Farnsworth has a background as a novelist and screenwriter, having penned "Killfile" and "The Eternal World." Fuso's past work includes "Zombies vs. Robots," "Drive" and "Torchwood."

The new series reunites IDW with the "24" franchise after a number of limited series and special issues, including "24: Underground" in 2014. The original "24" was one of IDW's earliest licensed comic books.

"24: Legacy - Rules of Engagement" #1 goes on sale in April.

"24: Legacy - Rules of Engagement" cover from IDW Publishing
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