22 stores to host 24 Hour comics event

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The organizers of 24 Hour Comics Day have announced the first 22 stores to host cartooning creativity marathons. On April 24th, these stores will bring together amateur and professional cartoonist who want to push their creativity to the limit. Each cartoonist will try to completely write and draw a 24 page comic, normally a couple months of work, in 24 straight hours.

"We expect to have hundreds of cartoonists taking advantage of 24 Hour Comics Day to take the 24 hour comics challenge," explains Nat Gertler, founder of 24 Hour Comics Day. "While many of them will work in the comfort of their homes, others are already signing up to create their comic at these events, with the support and camaraderie of their fellow cartoonists. The participating stores will make sure that everyone has food and drink and take care of other concerns, so that the cartoonist can stay focused on the creative effort."

These events are just for the cartoonists, either. "While some stores are having their event at a nearby hotel or restaurant, others are actually holding the event in the comics shop itself," explains Gertler. "Comics fans will be able to stop by and watch sleep-deprived cartoonists running solely on creative energy, adrenaline, and caffeine. And that also means 24 hour comics shopping!"

Space at each venue is limited, so cartoonists who want to join in on the festivities at a local shop should contact them now. The organizers are still signing up additional stores, so if there's no participating store listed in your area, encourage your favorite comics shop to email info@24HourComics.com to get information on hosting an event.

The shops include locations in 14 U.S. states and two Canadian provinces.

  • Canada: Strange Adventures in Hallifax, and Elfsar Collection / Happy Harbor Comics & Toys in Vancouver.
  • California: Brave New World in Newhall, Comic Relief in Berkeley, Comickaze in San Diego, Earth 2 in Sherman Oaks, Flying Colors Comics in Concord, and the downtown branch of Hijinx Comics in San Jose
  • Colorado: Clockwork Comics and Games in Englewood
  • Georgia: Batty's Best in Atlanta
  • Indiana: Buy Me Toys.com in South Bend
  • Maine: Casablanca Comics in Portland
  • Massachusetts: Modern Myths in Northampton
  • Michigan: Green Brain Comics in Dearborn
  • New Hampshire: The Paperback Bazaar in Somersworth
  • New Mexico: True Believers Comics & Gallery in Santa Fe
  • North Carolina: Silver Bullet Comics in Winston Salem
  • Ohio: The Laughing Ogre in Columbus
  • Oklahoma: Atomic Comics in Oklahoma City, and Speeding Bullet Comics & Ricochet Café in Norman
  • Pennsylvania: Essential Comics in Exeter
  • Texas: Lone Star Comics in Arlington

The 24 hour comic challenge was created over a decade ago by Scott McCloud, leading comics theoretician. McCloud, editor of the forthcoming 24 Hour Comics anthology, invented it as a creative exercise to force creative souls to get past all the pauses and doubts that slow them down. As his anthology shows, the 24 hour comics tend to be energetic and revealing, as the creators don't have time to second-guess and censors themselves. Because of this, the book does include raw language and artistic nudity, and is not for people those things might offend.

For more information on 24 Hour Comics Day including addresses, phone numbers, and website links for the event-hosting stores, go to www.24HourComics.com. Check back to the site regularly, as the list of event hosts will be updated as more stores sign on.

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